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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Christmas Train 2012

Thanks for the sweet comments regarding our baby BOY! I honestly thought we would be having a baby girl... so I was SHOCKED when he was ALL boy! Funny thing is, I went to one of my monthly checkups (on October 24th) alone as Justin had a big project going at work and couldn't meet me. I didn't really think anything about it, but imagine my surprise when they told me they could tell the sex of the baby with their handheld sonogram. Dr G asked if I wanted to know, and I blurted out, "yes!". Later, I thought I should have said no so Justin could be there, but ya know... you snooze, you lose! Ha! Totally kidding. It was fun to get to surprise Justin later on! Oh the look on his face.... LOVED it!

We told our family this past Sunday at Hadlea's birthday party. I will share all of the details soon. For now, I have to share about the Christmas Train we went to... AMAZING is all I can say about it!

A church in Oklahoma started the 'Christmas Train'. It is a train that you ride on and it tells the story of Jesus' birth. It was truly amazing! Our only complaint, the train was HOT! Although, I don't think most are normally prepared for 70 degree weather in December at 6PM! We had bundled the kids up like Eskimos thinking it would be freezing... which meant a trip back to the car to take our coats, hats, gloves, scarves, etc. It was THE most awesome weather ever! Although, I sometimes think it feels strange to say it is Christmas time when people are in shorts and flip flops! :-)

Besides the train at the 'Christmas Train' they have TONS to do. And almost EVERYTHING is free! The tickets went on sale in mid-November and sold out in 11 hours. My sweet momma stayed up until 130AM to get our tickets! They sale 3500 tickets an evening. The tickets are only $10 a piece. Such a reasonable thing to do with the family!

And when I say they have TONS to do, I mean TONS! (wagon rides, Santa, miniature pony rides, carousel, arcade, go carts, bumper cars, restaurants, shopping, puppet show, etc.) TONS!
The girls were super exicted to see Santa.
They both asked for bikes!
We had such a great evening! Thanks to Gigi and Poppa for buying our tickets, food and taking us there! It will definitely become a yearly tradition! And if you are in the vicinity and able to go, I would highly recommend it! Kids or no kids....

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