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Thursday, November 29, 2012

sweet home alabama - thanksgiving 2012 {part 2}

Before leaving Alabama, we headed to a walking trail to take some quick pictures of the girls. These are some VERY photogenic little girls. I know I am totally biased, but sometimes they are just too cute for words!

KK, Brynlee and Hadlea
We tried to get them to do a jump picture, and H was just a little late to the game! Ha!
my sweet girl and I
We then headed to lunch and then to the Children's museum. Why in the world can we not have something like this in Oklahoma?! This place was so much fun!
riding the train
playing in the {fake} snow

They even had a zipline for the kids. I didn't really think H would do it, but she got in line with KK and B anyway. And to my surprise, she did! And LOVED it!

making music with aunt shan and playing kitchen
the girls watching themselves on tv
this is one of those needle imprint things. we had alot of fun with it!
checking out the sharks and sting rays. you could touch them all.
checking out the fish with daddy.
playing in the water.
climbing the ropes!

And then it was time to head home! :-(
As we were all hugging goodbye, the guys starting saying, "here come the water works" as Shannan and I are usually a mess to leave each other and the girls. But I was just SO very thankful for 5 days with their family, that I didn't shed one tear! We had such a great relaxing visit. Although I still wish they lived right next door, I am always thankful for the time I do get with them. I miss my very best friend on a daily basis. And since I totally suck at not getting my way, I often throw little temper tantrums that she is not here to do certain things with me. But, I would rather have her hours away and in my life than not in my life at all.... so here is to being more thankful this year. Thankful I have a very best friend that knows when I need a smile, an ear or a smack back into reality. :-)

And I am also VERY thankful for my little growing family, my sweet little furry boy, AMAZING parents and in-laws, the perfect brothers, SILs and BILs and close friends. Often when I reflect during prayer, I always wonder what in the world I have done to deserve my life. I am far from perfect. But the good Lord has blessed me far more than I could have ever imagined. I am so thankful for every aspect of my life.

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