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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

sweet home alabama - thanksgiving 2012 {part 1}

This Thanksgiving we did things a little different. We normally go to Medford to be with my family, but this year, we hopped a plane to Alabama! My best friend and her family are living there while her husband does his orthopedics fellowship. Neither of their families could make it there, and I didn't want them to be alone, so we headed East! I could go on and on about Shannan and her family. They have given up alot to follow Michael's journey to become a doctor. They have spent many holidays alone or missed many family events because of work schedules. I have loved getting to be part of their journey... and the count down is on... about a half year left and they will finally get to settle down.

We started our Thanksgiving break on Monday by lighting a fire and roasting marshmallows. I think our little family was DYING to hop on the plane and head to Alabama! Hadlea is well on her way to becoming a pyro like her father! All she wanted to do was throw things in the fire. And because all of the men in our neighborhood baby her to death, they brought her all kinds of sticks to throw in. For a solid hour, that is all she did.
Wednesday, we were up bright and early and heading to catch our flight!
H was SO awesome on every single flight! I promised myself I would not get nervous or stressed. Although we flew AA, and I just don't have the best of luck with them. Thankfully, they came through this time. We did have a few delayed flights but nothing that caused us to miss anything!
This Dora backpack caused alot of drama in our house! I am not a 'theme' person! I don't care for Barbie, Princess or anything themed. But I think my days of getting to choose this stuff are coming to and end. {tear} I had bought H a little black bag to take on the plane, and she refused to take it because she wanted a backpack! Ugh! Can you guess what H is getting for Christmas?! Yes, a toddler monogrammed backpack!
My little traveler! Oh... she just looked so big sitting with her headphones on!
Just so you know I keep it real here... this is actually the first pic I took. Nose picking and all! ;-)
We made it! Aunt Shannan arrived to pick us up with a "welcome huskey's" sign from the girls!
Thursday was SUCH a beautiful day! We had a big breakfast and then spent the day playing at the park with the girls.
We then made an early Thanksgiving feast! Everything was homemade other than the turkey! Although I LOVED the kitchen time I got with Shanna, there will NOT be too many of these 'feasts' in the future. That stuff is alot of work! I will just save the time by going to my momma's house! :-)
and then some play time!
Later that evening, we headed to bowl!
My little turkey slept through two games. She got in on the last two frames!
Friday, we got up and did some shopping. And by shopping, I mean VERY LITTLE. It was crazy! We did make a stop at build a bear where the girls got bears and bunnies with matching clothes!
random playtime!
Hadlea obviously likes to play ring around the rosie!
Saturday was a day of NOTHING! It was so nice to relax, watch some football, play at the park and just enjoy hanging out! We don't get those days very often!

Sunday before heading home, we made a stop at the Children's museum. I guess I wasn't sure what to expect, but this place was AMAZING! I will share more pics on it tomorrow!!

Our silly sisters!
After the museum, we headed home with a couple of tough kids! :-)
Hadlea just kicked back and enjoyed the flight!
More to come in part 2!

Hope you all enjoyed your own Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Ashlie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so not a theme person either, and Presley is soooo into all of that. Ugh! I'm redoing her room for her birthday, and decided I'm not giving her any say because she will want Hello kitty or cinderella. Mean Mom, i know. Also, we are flying AA to disney world and I just know they are going to mess up our flights. I hope we get your luck.

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