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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

phone dump

Just a whole mess of things....

Hadlea and Berkley before bed one night! She is starting to LOVE Berkley. Not that she never did, but now she is always concerned about where he is, why he isn't eating when we do, why he has to stay home alone, etc. We now have to watch how many treats she gives him a day. She loves to tell him how good he is. "Berky, you a good boy. You make your sissy pwoud! You wanna treat? Shake, high five, give me kiss. Sit" Good Boy, Baby. Here your treat!" I think he is loving her more too. And for good reason! :-)
We made ghost suckers for Halloween. This was Hadlea's first attempt at a face. I was pretty surprised!
Gigi was in town, and we went shopping. While shopping, she thought Baby Kayman (my brother's baby girl due in January) needed new socks because her feet were cold. I am sure Kayman's feet are perfectly warm inside her momma's tummy... or maybe Hadlea knows something we don't?! Anyway, Hadlea purchased Kayman some socks with her own money. She was sure proud to carry them around!
Headed to church on morning!
If there is one thing I don't doubt in life, it is Hadlea being a big sister! This kid has no idea how much it will be loved by its big sissy!
We got Riley one night which ALWAYS = a VERY happy girl! She has started saying, "I miss my cousins".
Hadlea started coughing one night so I went and put her in our bed. I could seriously wake up like this every. single. morning... IF.... if she would sleep in one position and not kick me in the back or stomach a hundred times a night!
but it is pretty nice to wake up like this too!
There were a few days where I felt really bad. I moved from my bed to the couch and back to bed for about two days. Justin and Hadlea were so great to take care of me. I got lots of snuggles from Hadlea and Berkley!
Hadlea went to my parents a day early when we went down for my Grandpa's funeral. Since it was just Justin and I driving to my parents, Berkley just decided to ride in the carseat!
Poppa bought Hadlea a blow up lawn Santa. Thankfully we keep forgetting it at their house! :-)
The grocery store where I grew up has these little carts for kids to shop with. You will NOT take Hadlae to Medford and NOT go to the grocery store.
Resting on daddy!
Playing games with Uncle Jake!

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