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Friday, November 02, 2012

Halloween 2012

We started Halloween on Monday by making Hadlea's treat bags for school. She was coughing alot on Sunday, and I was afraid she was getting sick. I didn't want her sick by Wednesday for Halloween, so I just kept her home on Monday... we had THE best day! She actually played alone *gasp* while I got some work done. We then did some painting and made ghosts for her friends.
Tuesday she was feeling much better and headed off to school!
Tuesday evening, I wanted to get some good pictures of her in her costume before Wednesday. I knew Wednesday would be mass chaos, and her costume was just too cute not to get some good pics...

and just reminiscing from 2011!!
As we were heading out to take pics at the park, our neighbor Jake was outside and came to see Hadlea. I swear, these two kiddos are the best of friends!
Wednesday, I took a vacation day and spent the day at daycare with Hadlea. They had a carnival of games in the morning so I helped run the games for the kids.... And OH. MY. WORD. those were the cutest and best kids EVER! They were SO funny! I absolutely loved spending the day with them!

At lunch, I took Hadlea to see Uncle Alan and get adjusted by Aunt Amanda! She got loaded with candy, money and a Powerade! :-)
Wednesday afternoon, we headed back to the school for Hadlea's afternoon party. The kids were so happy for some cookies, cupcakes, fruit, popcorn, drinks, etc! They were just so funny... and WIRED!

Wednesday evening, we got ready and took a few pics...

daddy and his baby girl!
my sweet babies!
we then headed out with our neighbors...

jake the tool man and the indian!
our cul-de-sac crew!
Hadlea was so great trick or treating! She LOVED it! She kept telling me after each house, "my bag not full yet, we keep going!". And we did... for over an hour! We were all guessing the kids wouldn't last 30 minutes. After an hour, Hadlea said, "my back kinda full, we can go home"!

I LOVE Halloween and seeing all of the happy kiddos! I am so glad some of the costumes and decorations didn't scare Hadlea like it did some of the kids! She is such a trooper! Definitely a successful year!


Kelly said...

I LOVE her costume! Great idea!

Emily said...

ohmystars - the photo of Hadlea and her daddy is to die for. So sweet!!

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