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Monday, November 05, 2012

big girl bed!

Justin and I had a lapse in parental judgement yesterday... well... it was probably me and he just played along, but we decided to change Hadlea's crib into a toddler bed. She was SUPER excited! She spent all afternoon playing babies and crawling in and out.
Once bedtime came, she didn't hesitate at all to jump in and lay right down... She was just so proud! And then came turning out the lights!
I guess she thought big girl bed = not turning out the lights and actually going to sleep! Oops! After we read a couple of books and went to turn out the light, she ffff-reaked out! She was crying so hard I thought she was going to throw up. So I went in and rocked her until she calmed down and then she was fine getting in bed.

She slept all night until our electricity started going off and it was making her sound machine go off and on. I went in to fix her machine, and she woke up. I then moved her to bed with us.

This is how I woke up this morning! And if she wasn't such a wild sleeper at night, I would wake up like this every. single. morning!

Here's to hoping night #2 is a little more calm! :-)

1 comment:

Emily said...

How did night #2 go? I'm so nervous to change Asher's bed!

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