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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

big girl bed update...

I had some comments and emails about moving Hadlea to a big girl bed. Frankly, I think I always worry WAY too much about how a move or change will affect her, and I am the one that ends up suffering. So far, all of her BIG life changes have been pretty easy! {well... I can say that now. not sure the first night of 'operation get rid of paci' was "easy"!}

The first few nights she asked for her crib. She would say, "if I go night night tonight, will daddy put up my crib tomorrow and I help him with the screw driver?" Ha! Now... I am not sure if she really wanted her crib back or if she just liked helping Justin put her big girl bed up.

The one thing I did when we moved to the big girl bed was keep her routine. We still read two books, say prayers, turn out the lights, talk for a few minutes, and then I say, "two more minutes". Once I say that, it is about 30 seconds and she say, "I ready for bed". And off she goes... Although I know she could 'climb' in her bed, I still lay her down, tuck her in and kiss her... just like I did in her crib. So really... after the lights are out, I am not even sure she knows the different?!

I think the funny thing about the entire thing... when she wakes up in the mornings, she yells at me to come get her. She has NEVER crawled out of the bed on her own. I really find this strange and thought our biggest issue would be keeping her from getting up and down. But nope! She hasn't crawled out once. And I have NEVER told her she could! I will be fine going in when she is 10 and getting her out of bed! :)

Fingers crossed this post doesn't jinx me! Ha!

1 comment:

Ashlie said...

Presley didn't crawl out of her big girl bed for probably the first 4 months. It was awesome. That ended, of course, but nice while it lasted.

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