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Saturday, November 24, 2012

babies. babies.

Does it not seem like babies are everywhere?! When I was pregnant with H, I had 8 cousins have babies right around the same time. Now, I have 5 that are pregnant plus several friends!

Hadlea and I went back to my hometown this past weekend as I was helping host 2 baby showers. The first was for my friend Alea. Alea is pregnant with her first, a girl, Charlee Nicole. I LOVE the name Charlee for a girl... or boy. I just love the name! I cannot wait to see that sweet face! Thanks for letting me be apart of your special day, Alea! Love you!

The hosts: Me, Jennifer, Becky, Amanda, Alea, Catherin and Kristen
The prego girls!
My cousin Amanda, Alea and I
High school friends
Amanda, Alea, Me, Jennifer and Catherine
We went back and spent the afternoon at Gigi and Poppa. Then we got ready for church and dinner.
Gigi and her girl!
LOVE this!
My babies and me!
On Sunday, I helped host my SIL's baby shower. My niece, Kayman Alana, will be born in January. We are DYING to meet her!
My friend made these cupcakes. This picture does NOT do them justice! They were adorable!
Another friend made the banner and outfits!
She received a TON of amazing gifts!
Hadlea and her cousin Maddy
The hostesses
Cousin Shelly, Me, Aunt Lisa, SIL Amanda, Aunt Shelly, Aunt Rene, Joan and Aunt Brenda
My mom, my SIL, her mom
Amanda and her momma, Janelle.
Mom and Amanda
Me, Gigi, Had, Amanda and Janelle
The bumps!

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katie@tulsadetails said...

So fun! You look adorable! And I love the name Kaymon! Your sil is too cute!!!

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