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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

one little... two little...


Happy Halloween from my two little Indians!

I have been saving this idea since last Halloween! So thankful for my awesome and talented friend Taran @ Rose Baby, who helped pull off my idea! If you ever need ANYTHING, contact her! You will not be disappointed! She is definitely my crafting savior! :-)

And even though I have been dreaming this up for a year... I never thought it would turn out so perfect!
Eeeek! Love my little Indian!
 Precious... or squatting dog as her aunt Shannan called her!
Hope you all enjoy your Halloween!
Cannot wait to see what your kids are wearing!
Stay safe! <3>


Cheryl said...

Cute, cute costume! It makes me wish my kids were still little. Halloween was such a big there in our family!

katie@tulsadetails said...

She is honestly so cute I could die! Love the two Indian costumes!!!! Soooooo cute!

Candice said...

She looks absolutely adorable. No big shocker!

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