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Monday, October 15, 2012

My Prince and Princess

My niece and nephew's school does a fund raiser every year by raffling off tickets for large prizes. As an incentive to sale the most tickets, each boy and girl that sales the most in their class become Prince and Princess of their class. And how awesome is it that both Riley and Hannah won in their class...

Hannah   /   Riley

whoever sales the most over all becomes King and Queen!

Hannah won QUEEN!
Her little smile just melted my heart!

Nana and Rusty with their babies!

My 3 babies!

I think I have looked at this picture a good 100 times and teared up each and every time!
Hadlea thinks her cousins walk on water.
And I do too.
And knowing they think she does too, just makes me one happy momma!
I love. Love. LOVE that they love each other!
{how is that for enough LOVE?! :-)}

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