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Friday, October 26, 2012

friday phone dump.

Soooo.... alot to share.... sorry for all of the pics!

We had painters come in and paint our bedroom and bathrooms. They used flat paint on all of our walls when the house was built and that stuff is just crap! It shows everything! We are slowly but surely going to paint every room in our house. I did the same color in our master as our previous house because I still loved them! It is called Coffee Bean. Our bathrooms I did Mocha from SW. This picture doesn't really look like it, but it's kind of a chocolate milk color.
We celebrated our sweet Avery's 1st birthday!
I SERIOUSLY wore this to a work lunch one day. And I had on a yellow and gray striped maxi dress. I am blaming prego brain for sure!
I was super sick on my birthday so I took a long nap at lunch. My sweet boy always knows when I need a cuddle!
Hadlea and I went to visit my BFF from high school, Jessica. We had planned to go to the pumpkin patch, but of course we would pick a day that it rained ALL day. We ended up at a jump house and the kids loved it! Afterwards, we went to eat ice cream. Hadlea still says, "I eat ice cream with Mario and Jestyn. They my best friends." And I hope they are one day!
We have spent several evenings painting pumpkins. This is alot less stressful than carving one with a 2yo!
Hadlea had her first hair cut. To say it might have been traumatizing might be an understatement. Justin brought Hadlea in during my haircut and foil. I think she thought Celeste was going to put her hair in foil and she did NOT like that thought. After we convinced her she was just getting a cut, she was fine! Thankfully Celeste had Barney on the laptop!
We had Riley and Hannah one weekend and headed to the zoo!
My babies snuggling before daycare one morning!
Gigi sent H a box of clothes and pjs! Her pjs came with matching house shoes which she thought were AWESOME! We couldn't get them to stay on her feet so I cut holes and added shoe strings! 2 points for momma! :-)
I should really write a separate post about our neighbors! They are just awesome people! We have had several cookouts together lately. It is always nice because whoever is cooking will hand their kids off and the others will watch them until dinner is ready. I mean... imagine cooking without a kid clinging to your leg! Pure heaven! :-)
Right after this picture was taken, Briggs (on the glider) got off and walked straight into Hadlea. They bumped heads and both ended up with bruised faces!
For the last 3 months, we have lived with a small black leather love seat. Imagine Justin, Hadlea Berkley and I all lounging on that little sofa. NOT fun! We FINALLY got in our new sectional! They didn't deliver it all, but the rest is on its way! So far, we are LOVING the extra room... and so does some little furry guy!
Had went to school with spiders on her shirt today! She was so proud of her momma and baby spider! :-)
My sweet boy had to take a baby to school. For some reason, he gets in Hadlea's car seat and sets when we drive back home. I swear he thinks he is human!

Happy Friday!
Gigi is in town and we have a list a mile long of things to get done! We sold our house (YEAH!) and close Nov 9. We have to work on getting everything out of there... plus making several other stops!
It will be a busy weekend!


Ashlie said...

I was super sick last year on my birthday too! it will all be worth it when the little babe is here. I had a much better time on my birthday this year, lol! also, isn't it great having AWESOME neighbors. Mine have become some of my closest friends.

Brandi said...

When I was 9 months preggers with my little one, I wore different shoes to church...I was soooo embarrassed. Then, I was mad at my hubs because he didn't even notice..shows how much he pays attention. hehe!!

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