Friday, October 05, 2012

friday phone dump

Jake and Hadlea.
Jake is our new little neighbor friend. He is 4. And he says he loves Hadlea. *sigh*. It starts so early. However, he is the sweetest boy ever. And has the sweetest momma... so I will take him loving my baby girl! :) And he lets her drive his gator...
The Justice Fam had to make a quick trip to Oklahoma for a funeral so Hadlea and I headed out early to see them before they left. It was just so great to kiss their faces and hug their necks! Man I sure miss them!
Riley gets to come over every Wednesday night since Hannah has gymnastics. He is such a sweet boy to play with all of the neighbor kiddos and hall them around! He is going to be an awesome age to help with Baby #2! He said he is coming to stay and help?! I just love that sweet boy!! And my posing princess...
Hadlea had school pictures last week! Poppa bought her new boots just for the occasion!
Jake's dad built the kids a HUGE train track outside one evening!
That thing is an awesome babysitter! :-)
I have no idea how she sleeps with all of this crap!
My sweet Berkley had to take his baby to daycare to drop off H one day!
My little brother, the road warrior, passed through town heading to a bike rally the other day. I drove and met him for a few minutes!
H and I went shopping one day. She found her fishing pole and wanted to go to Texas with 'Fwed'!
We got Hadlea's proofs from school back! Although I am not liking the background or her holding a pumpkin (??!!), she just has the cutest little grin! And yes, I ordered someone. Who cannot have their school pics?!

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