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Monday, October 08, 2012

date day with momma & the fair

Last Saturday, daddy went fishing so H and I spent the day running errands and playing! She was so good to do a little shopping, so I rewarded her with a day out at Incredible Pizza. I had planned to take her to the zoo, but it had started to rain. I am not sure why I always think places like Incredible Pizza are going to be fun, because they end up just making me a nervous wreck because they are so gross! Oh well... sweet girl had fun!
Saturday night/Sunday morning, we were up from 1AM to 530AM with H! Pregnancy, morning sickness and no sleep just do not mix! H had a terrible cough and NOTHING we tried helped it. Thankfully, she slept in until 1045 so we were all able to get a little sleep. After that, you would have thought she would have napped, but NOPE! After laying in bed for an hour with Justin and I, he took her outside so I could take a nap. Praying she doesn't turn into a sleepless child!

On Monday, Uncle Alan called and asked if he could have H for the afternoon to take her to the fair. I know she was one happy girl getting all of Uncle Alan's attention for the day!
She ended up staying the night! Poor Avery probably wanted to know what she did wrong to get a wild toddler in the house! :-)
Tuesday, Justin and I picked up Hadlea from daycare and headed back to the fair. Hadlea hadn't been sleeping very well, so we didn't stay long, however, we did get in some rides, fair food and the petting zoo!
I still cannot get over how much the fair costs! It is almost ridiculous... and I have NO IDEA how some of those families afford it! Oh well... for some reason we keep going back! :-)

Happy Monday! (if those exist)

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Emily said...

I'm sorry to hear H isn't sleeping well. You're right - that does not mix well with pregnant mama!

We took Ash to a pumpkin farm last week and it was SO expensive! I seriously doubt if we'll go back. Some things are worth it but I don't think this was for us. Glad you had fun at the fair regardless!

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