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Thursday, October 18, 2012

best birthday present, EVER!

So you know how most woman people start getting anxiety the closer they get to turning 30?! Well... I was one of them. I went back and forth about it, and at the end, realized there wasn't really a darn thing I could do about it but own it... so I did! And surprisingly, 30 has been awesome! I really have no major complaints about the last year!

If you read my post from last year HERE, then you know Justin, my brothers and SIL totally delivered in the presents department! I wasn't expecting anything this year since they totally rocked last year, but to my surprise, they even trumped an LV bag! Meet my new prized possession {after H & Berk, of course!}

An autographed poster of Troy Aikman

Yall.... my brothers HATE the Dallas Cowboys! I have LOVED them my entire life! ...even convincing my mom into letting me paint my bedroom gray in elementary, getting a Dallas bedspread AND buying several Dallas posters that she had framed for me and hung on my wall! I received CRAP daily from my dad and brothers! So how do I know my brothers TOTALLY love me?! They go to a charity event and spend their hard earned money on a Troy Aikman signed poster JUST. FOR. ME! {jake did let me know it was only because the Michael Jordan stuff went too high. but that is neither here nor there! :-)}

So a special thank you to my brothers and SIL for just being awesome! I think this gift will be totally hard to trump... unless it is a face to face with the man himself! :-)

1 comment:

Brandi said...

I used to be in LOVE with Troy Aikman!! Kinda still am...secretly! Sexy stud!!!! Have a fab day!

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