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Thursday, September 27, 2012

visiting and working on the farm

Last weekend, we headed to stay the weekend with Gigi and Poppa! My dad has started planting wheat, and I knew Had would love to ride the tractor.
Our plan was to go to Kansas and visit my Uncle in the hospital and then to Enid to visit my Grandma, but thankfully, they both were released before the weekend so we got to see both of them OUT of the hospital!!!

Saturday, we got up and headed to the farm...
H was SO excited to see the cats, cows, dog and her Poppa!
We got to watch Poppa fill up the drill with wheat, ride in the tractor and then move the wheat truck! I haven't driven a standard since high school... but it is like riding a bike! Ha!
Hadlea was proud to tell Poppa her friend Jake (our neighbor) had a John Deere Gator just like his! (although Jake's is just a motorized toy, she thought they were exactly the same!)
After the farm, we headed to the lake to see my uncle! It was so great to see him out of the hospital and getting around! He still has some rehab to do, but it has been a miracle to watch him get this far so fast with his recovery! 
Saturday night, we came back to town, got Poppa and went to church and dinner.
Sunday morning, Gigi and H made me breakfast in bed!
I could get used to that!
She sure was proud! 
And then back to the farm!
This wild cat has became my dad's baby and it LOVES Hadlea. It follows her EVERYWHERE and is constantly rubbing on her!  
When we went to see my dad on Sunday, we took him some lunch. He was in the middle of the field, so we drove the feed truck to drive across the pasture. My dad's feed truck has sirens that the cattle are not used to and will come running to eat when they hear the sirens. It is really quite funny! Hadlea kept playing them and the cattle in different fields would start running towards us. I thought we should stop try and to feed them by hand. And we actually got two to eat out of our hands... or MY hands. Hadlea was NOT about to touch them! Here you can hear the sirens!

We then got to go see Grandma!
My uncle and cousins has stopped by too so we got to see them a 2nd time!
It was a great surprise! 

We had a great weekend!
H has asked to go see Poppa at the farm every day since!
Poppa, I think you have yourself a future farm girl! :-)


Annie said...

How cute! I bet she just loved being on the farm :) My kids sure would!!

Emily said...

i don't think there's a more fun place for kids than on a farm! Glad you all had a great visit after all the hard news hitting your family recently.

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