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Friday, September 28, 2012

gender reveal

My brother and SIL had a gender reveal party for the family and their close friends!

I had a feeling from the very beginning that I would be getting a niece! Was I right?!

Alan and Amanda had their ultrasound a few days before the party. They found at the ultrasound.
(which I didn't know they were doing. lucky them, because you can guarantee I would have bugged them up until time to find out!  which may be why they didn't tell me... Hmmmm?!)

Amanda picked up a pinata and had it stuffed with pink or blue....
So... what's it gonna be??
(and that is a question mark, not a sea horse as someone called it!)
Let the swinging begin...
I am getting another NIECE!
(I never doubted it for a second! Ha!)
The kiddos had fun picking up all of the pink candy!
The pinata was super fun! I would totally recommend it!
And because I was SO SURE I was getting a niece, I brought along some KU for Amanda and OSU for Alan... along with matching bows, of course!
AND, since Alan and Amanda supply us with so much KU and OSU for Hadlea, I only thought it was appropriate to supply them with some OU for Baby K... obviously my SIL isn't as appreciative of my team as I am of hers... Geesh... what it takes to please people these days?!
And yes, I am totally kidding! They let me know very fast that Baby K would NEVER be seen in those onesies! Ha!

Congrats to you, A&A, on a sweet baby girl!
Alan - you might need a second job!
Auntie A - I cannot wait to raise our girls together!
Love you all so much!
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