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Friday, September 14, 2012

friday phone dump

**warning... lots of pictures**
(but if don't do them all now, I never will!)

We have been SO busy... and I am not even sure what we have been doing?! Here is recap...

playing at the park. H asks to go every. single. night.
we went to visit my granny in the hospital. as we were leaving, life flight was leaving. H thought this was great. you can see her covering her ears. she told us for days how loud it was! :-)
nana bought H some new shoes. she was just so proud that nana knew she LOVED pink!
H had to do an all about me poster for school. I never know what to put on these... so I just put some pics I had... and I turned it in almost two weeks late! mother. of. the. year!
we met some friends for lunch while out shopping one day.
hadlea loves 'baby raelie'!
gigi bought H this new hello kitty purse. she has TONS of hello kitty stuff. but if you ask her who the cat is, she will say, kitty cat. she doesn't care anything about hello kitty. only that it is ALL PINK!
this is how we have been watching football. our neighbors put up a projector screen on their garage, everyone drags out their grills, and we all eat and watch the games. this was the OU/UTEP game. I could get used to this!
just relaxing one afternoon in the backyard! <3>
we met uncle alan and aunt amanda for lunch after church one sunday. hadlea brought them each a toy for their new baby on the way! {oh... so I haven't mentioned I am getting a new niece or nephew?! well I am.. and I am DYING to find out. Amanda is torturing me by finding out today and I have to wait until Sunday for the Gender Reveal. what a crappy SIL! :-) jk! I cannot wait to know!}
H talked Gigi into the horses at the mall. She knows not even to ask me because I will say NO! Anything kid friendly at the mall just GROSSES me out!
And because she rode the horses at the mall, she ended up sick! Okay... so I am totally kidding. This was before she road the horses, but my pics our out of order, I am too lazy to re-order them and it totally sounded good to say they caused her to get sick! :-)
She just had a really bad cough that kept us up for about 3 nights and it would NOT go away! I just took her in to get checked out. They were thinking it was allergies and drainage from that.

So see... we haven't really been up to anything! Just busy!
Happy Friday!


katie@tulsadetails said...

Love your football set up!! I'm dying to know if you'll have a niece or nephew, too! So fun!!!!

Candice said...

That is so cool to watch a movie like that! Looks like you guys have been having a blast!!

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