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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

fish and cows!

A couple weeks ago, our friend, Fred, was fishing super close to home! We don't get to see him fish too often since he travels the US, so it is nice to actually get to see him weigh in... see that he actually does work for a living! :-)

Hadlea and I wore our Boom Boom shirts in support!
When he went up on stage to weigh-in, he took the boys!
He's just a great dad!
Avery, Fred and Jackson
Jackson was just SO proud of his fish!
We also got to watch our Aussie friend, Carl. We are still waiting to hear if Carl made the Elites (professionals) for 2013! We are crossing our fingers, toes, legs, etc that he makes it! He had an awesome year and totally deserves it!

The next day, we headed south to see my sweet nephew show his steer! If there is one thing that makes me one proud Aunt, this would be it! Showing animals growing up was one of my most favorite things ever! And I know that totally sounds strange... I just LOVED showing. Well... I LOVED showing steers. But my dad always made us get pigs too... and there is just NOTHING to love about a stinky pig. Unless it is a really cheap, stinky pig that your dad buys you just so you can go to the state shows, miss school and hang with your friends! :-)

I hope Riley really gets into showing! I learned alot while doing it. It is just a great experience!

And in case you have no idea what you do while "showing", I took a little video. You walk the animal around the arena while the judge looks it over. They compare all of the animals against each other and then someone will WIN! :-) Sounds pretty easy, however, there are tons of things you can do while showing to make your animal show better!

Good job, Riley Biley! You make me so proud!

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