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Friday, September 28, 2012

gender reveal

My brother and SIL had a gender reveal party for the family and their close friends!

I had a feeling from the very beginning that I would be getting a niece! Was I right?!

Alan and Amanda had their ultrasound a few days before the party. They found at the ultrasound.
(which I didn't know they were doing. lucky them, because you can guarantee I would have bugged them up until time to find out!  which may be why they didn't tell me... Hmmmm?!)

Amanda picked up a pinata and had it stuffed with pink or blue....
So... what's it gonna be??
(and that is a question mark, not a sea horse as someone called it!)
Let the swinging begin...
I am getting another NIECE!
(I never doubted it for a second! Ha!)
The kiddos had fun picking up all of the pink candy!
The pinata was super fun! I would totally recommend it!
And because I was SO SURE I was getting a niece, I brought along some KU for Amanda and OSU for Alan... along with matching bows, of course!
AND, since Alan and Amanda supply us with so much KU and OSU for Hadlea, I only thought it was appropriate to supply them with some OU for Baby K... obviously my SIL isn't as appreciative of my team as I am of hers... Geesh... what it takes to please people these days?!
And yes, I am totally kidding! They let me know very fast that Baby K would NEVER be seen in those onesies! Ha!

Congrats to you, A&A, on a sweet baby girl!
Alan - you might need a second job!
Auntie A - I cannot wait to raise our girls together!
Love you all so much!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

visiting and working on the farm

Last weekend, we headed to stay the weekend with Gigi and Poppa! My dad has started planting wheat, and I knew Had would love to ride the tractor.
Our plan was to go to Kansas and visit my Uncle in the hospital and then to Enid to visit my Grandma, but thankfully, they both were released before the weekend so we got to see both of them OUT of the hospital!!!

Saturday, we got up and headed to the farm...
H was SO excited to see the cats, cows, dog and her Poppa!
We got to watch Poppa fill up the drill with wheat, ride in the tractor and then move the wheat truck! I haven't driven a standard since high school... but it is like riding a bike! Ha!
Hadlea was proud to tell Poppa her friend Jake (our neighbor) had a John Deere Gator just like his! (although Jake's is just a motorized toy, she thought they were exactly the same!)
After the farm, we headed to the lake to see my uncle! It was so great to see him out of the hospital and getting around! He still has some rehab to do, but it has been a miracle to watch him get this far so fast with his recovery! 
Saturday night, we came back to town, got Poppa and went to church and dinner.
Sunday morning, Gigi and H made me breakfast in bed!
I could get used to that!
She sure was proud! 
And then back to the farm!
This wild cat has became my dad's baby and it LOVES Hadlea. It follows her EVERYWHERE and is constantly rubbing on her!  
When we went to see my dad on Sunday, we took him some lunch. He was in the middle of the field, so we drove the feed truck to drive across the pasture. My dad's feed truck has sirens that the cattle are not used to and will come running to eat when they hear the sirens. It is really quite funny! Hadlea kept playing them and the cattle in different fields would start running towards us. I thought we should stop try and to feed them by hand. And we actually got two to eat out of our hands... or MY hands. Hadlea was NOT about to touch them! Here you can hear the sirens!

We then got to go see Grandma!
My uncle and cousins has stopped by too so we got to see them a 2nd time!
It was a great surprise! 

We had a great weekend!
H has asked to go see Poppa at the farm every day since!
Poppa, I think you have yourself a future farm girl! :-)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

fish and cows!

A couple weeks ago, our friend, Fred, was fishing super close to home! We don't get to see him fish too often since he travels the US, so it is nice to actually get to see him weigh in... see that he actually does work for a living! :-)

Hadlea and I wore our Boom Boom shirts in support!
When he went up on stage to weigh-in, he took the boys!
He's just a great dad!
Avery, Fred and Jackson
Jackson was just SO proud of his fish!
We also got to watch our Aussie friend, Carl. We are still waiting to hear if Carl made the Elites (professionals) for 2013! We are crossing our fingers, toes, legs, etc that he makes it! He had an awesome year and totally deserves it!

The next day, we headed south to see my sweet nephew show his steer! If there is one thing that makes me one proud Aunt, this would be it! Showing animals growing up was one of my most favorite things ever! And I know that totally sounds strange... I just LOVED showing. Well... I LOVED showing steers. But my dad always made us get pigs too... and there is just NOTHING to love about a stinky pig. Unless it is a really cheap, stinky pig that your dad buys you just so you can go to the state shows, miss school and hang with your friends! :-)

I hope Riley really gets into showing! I learned alot while doing it. It is just a great experience!

And in case you have no idea what you do while "showing", I took a little video. You walk the animal around the arena while the judge looks it over. They compare all of the animals against each other and then someone will WIN! :-) Sounds pretty easy, however, there are tons of things you can do while showing to make your animal show better!

Good job, Riley Biley! You make me so proud!

Friday, September 21, 2012

The GREATEST trip from HELL

So remember THIS post? Where I swear for about two weeks everything was falling apart left and right?! It was a long two weeks, however, everyone is on the mend, healing perfectly!

But in the middle of that disaster, I got to go to Indianapolis with my sweet friend, Julie. So... Julie is Fred's (the fisherman) wife. They have another fisherman that lives with them between tournaments who is from Australia. His name is Carl. {stay with me...} Carl's best friend from Australia is a motorcycle rider. He is the fastest rider in the world. His contract is 20 million a year with Honda... and yes, I said TWENTY MILLION! His name is Casey Stoner. At 26 years old, Casey had decided to retire. AT 26YO! He has a new baby and just wants to be at home. This Indianapolis race would be his last race in the US. Carl and Fred were supposed to go to the race, but decided to enter a fishing tournament in New York. So just a few days before, Casey called and offered the tickets to Julie and I. We didn't really care at this point, we were just ready for a short no kids, no husbands vacation. {obviously this was before my family started falling apart!}

Casey Stoner
On Saturday at 5AM, Julie and I head out to Indianapolis. Because we bought our tickets only days before, we had to go from Tulsa to St Louis to Chicago and finally to Indy! Nothing like a last minute adventure!
Indianapolis is BEAUTIFUL! I am not sure what I was exactly expecting, but it had the nicest, cleanest downtown! We stayed downtown at the Canterbury, a very old European style motel. It was awesome! There was a motorcycle rally with hundreds of bikes and also Gen Con (a gaming convention) was going on. Talk about interesting people... BIG Harley guys and gamers mixed together! It was an experience!
Indy also had some awesome restaurants! We enjoyed LOTS of quiet meals without kiddos! :-)
Saturday night, we made reservations at Ruth Chris! Fred is always going when he is on the road with sponsors, but neither Julie nor I had been... so we took full advantage! It was AMAZING! Hands down the best steak I have ever had!
Hangin' with the bikers! :-)
Saturday afternoon was qualifying for Casey. We didn't make it into town in time to watch, so before going to bed Saturday night, Julie and I checked to see how Casey would be starting. Imagine our surprise when the first thing we read was that he was in the HOSPITAL!! We had just bought last minute tickets, left our sick kids, hurt grandma's to come to a race that our star guy wouldn't even be riding in?! AWESOME!
He crashed part way through qualify fracturing his right foot and tearing all of the ligaments. Seeing how these guys race at over 200 mph and have pretty much broken every bone in their bodies, several media places said he might still race. So Sunday, Julie and I got up and headed to the track.

Here is the video of his wreck. :-(
We had pit passes inside the track, so we got to experience everything first hand! It was the coolest experience!
Starting off! Casey did end up racing and starting 6th!
Casey had an awesome race for wearing a HUGE brace and boot. He finished 4th! Here he is after the race! Poor guy... I cannot imagine walking to and from my bike on crutches!
Right after the race was over, Julie and I hopped a cab to the airport! And we just didn't get any cab driver... we got THE CRAZIEST man EVER! We were driving 70 a 40. We jumped some train tracks and both hit our heads on the ceiling of the car. I started praying out loud. He didn't seem to care. I seriously thought we were going to DIE! Thankfully we were only a few miles away!
But just a few miles into the cab ride, he pulls over to this restaurant. He says "Get out and take a picture". Julie and I do not move. We think this guy is crazy already. He starts telling us about all of the famous race car drivers that come eat at this restaurant. He said we needed a picture with it because it was 'hystorical'. We just did what he said after that so he didn't murder us in the middle of the 'hood! And I wish I was joking! :-)
After we made it to the airport (which seemed to be like 5 days later), we were walking to our gate and ran into two men trying on their new motorcycle jackets. They asked if we would put it on and take a picture! Since we had a 2 hour wait, what else were we going to do?! Come to find out, these men were brothers and DUI lawyers in Kansas City. It totally gave us a good laugh... and after we talked some more, we found out that they live right next door to another professional bass fisherman! Totally small world! These guys were crazy and hilarious! You just never know the type of people you will meet!
We finally made in back home around 11PM Sunday night! With everything that went on, I was so wore out! But, I would do it all again if I had to! It was truly a fun experience and not one many people would ever get to do! Just thankful for awesome friends... with connections! :-)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

silly girl!

Just a few pictures I captured one night of our silly girl!

Her sweet smile and fully of energy attitude are the best things EVER!

She said, "stop taking ma piture!"
She is her daddy's daughter!
playing with daddy.
singing with daddy.
daddy is playing air guitar and h is singing itsy bitsy spider.
a different night, but I had just got back from Indianapolis.
her gift, suckers. because that is the true way to hear heart!
my little gymnast no more!
we are officially quitters in our household!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

weekened with the hammons

Like half a year ago... ok, so maybe like a month ago, one of my BFFs from high school and her family came for the weekend! They live right across the street from my parents back home, so we always get to see them when we go visit. Plus, Hadlea LOVES Ady so we are always talking about getting to see them.

They arrived on a Friday night, and the kids spent time playing outside. Saturday, we all got up, had breakfast, played, went to lunch and FINALLY made it to the aquarium. Justin and Mike were going to go fishing, but it was raining so they just spent the day running around town. They ended up going fishing in the afternoon.
{this is my favorite fish, EVER. no idea what it is. :-)}
the shark tank.

Hadlea, Ady and Logan
the girls!
watching the sting rays
after the aquarium, we headed to Merritts Bakery for cookies. Jennifer cannot come here without going... and who am I to stop her! :)
We got the call regarding my Uncle Gary's wreck Saturday evening. I am just so thankful Jennifer was there. God always knows what He is doing! She was just so calm and sat there with me while we waited on information.
Sunday morning, Justin and I got up and headed to Kansas to see my Uncle. I was so sad to leave Jennifer, Mike and the kids since we still had Sunday to spend with them, but I knew she understood.

Thanks again for bringing the fam, Jen! We had so much fun and cannot wait to do it again! H is already missing her Ady Jane!
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