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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

our time with Riley and Hannah

We had such an awesome time with my niece and nephew! Hadlea was in HEAVEN! She had constant attention! :-) The kids were always laughing... such an fun sound!

The girls played dress-up and played games on the iPad...
Our nighttime routine... bath, teeth brushing, books and then bed!
Our first night without Riley or Hannah, Hadlea cried and cried. It was the saddest thing ever!
We both missed them being gone so much!
We did some painting... which Berkley enjoyed watching too!
We had some friends over for a day of swimming. After dinner, they all played in the sprinkler!
We met the Roumbanis family at the bowling / go-cart track...
We played some arcade games...
Julie and Avery
Hadlea and I
It was a super fun week with the kids. They start school tomorrow... cannot believe they are growing up so fast!
Thanks for letting us have them for so long, Aunt Les!
Love you all!

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