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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

our singing machine...

Hadlea is totally into singing these days. I feel like her memory gets better and better. I know I sometimes don't give her enough credit... I guess I just see her as this little tiny baby! Ha! Whether I like it or not, she is a growing girl, with an awesome memory. She remembers and repeats everything! We are constantly getting in trouble for things we say, for things we do not say 'correctly' and even for talking with our mouths full! :-)

Our little motor mouth singing machine...
her favs: humpty dumpty, jack and jill, it's raining it's pouring

This is right before bed. She is busy right up until the time her head hits the pillow!
{She still likes to be called Heather Lea, which is my name. Silly girl.}


GiGi said...

she is getting so big!!! Love her so much and can't wait to see her this week end. oh, you forgot, 1-2 buckle my shoe!!!!

Emily said...

Asher remembers more than I give him credit for too! I definitely still think of him as a baby sometimes. :-)

We need more "Hadlea sayings" - they crack me up!

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