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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hadlea's Room Update

I made a little more progress on Hadlea's room this weekend! I spent most of last week painting in the evenings so by Friday, I was ready to hang everything.
{over the dresser. looking for a large, dressy turquoise lamp shade}
We still haven't moved everything from the old house, so I still need the clear chandeliers to hang above her chair. 
I ordered this monogram from an Etsy site (let me know if you want the name), and I LOVE it! It came primed and ready to paint! 
Need something to the left of the window... hmmm... 
Between her door and closet.
I realized during this moving process that I might have a slight problem with bows... 
While taking pictures of the room, I had to take everything out of Hadlea's bed... this is everything she sleeps with! And I am NOT kidding! 
This is what she looks like in the morning!! ;-) 
Good night from my babies!  


Mandy said...

Her nursery is beautiful!!! I LOVE the chevron print and her monogram initials!! Where did you find the pillow and print?

Emily & Drew said...

I love her room! Can you send me the name of the Etsy source for the monogram? Did it come on the board?

The gray you ended up choosing looks fantastic - nice choice!

Emily said...

Oh shoot - I was still signed in to our family email account. That last comment was me. :-)

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