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Friday, August 24, 2012

friday phone dump

One would think that if you cannot come up with a post that one could at least blog about iPhone pics! After all, isn't that were 90% of our pics are taken anymore, anyway?! And there is an app for Blogger, so it isn't like it is THAT hard!

But... things have been BUSY! Like... I am not even sure where all of my time goes in a day... not sleeping, that's for sure! Because my AWESOME 12-14 hour a night sleeper has gone on strike... refusing to sleep in her own bed. So I start her out in mine and in 2+ hours she STILL is not asleep so I put her in her own bed to cry it out. Only to feel like the WORST mother EVER... then I cannot go to sleep because I feel like the WORST mother EVER! It is really a vicious circle...

Onto things we have been doing...

About 5 months ago... okay, so maybe a couple of weeks ago, Gigi came to town and we went shopping. H is an awesome shopper! long as you have candy and she can ride the horses!
We did a little shoe shopping. Since we didn't find anything she rode another horse! Funny thing about this stop is I planned to buy her a size 7 shoe for the fall. I 'decided' to let the nice girl measure Hadlea's foot, only to find out she is a size 8-8.5!! Hello big foot! So thankful we got her foot measured before I ordered the wrong shoe size online!
IT RAINED! I was pretty sure Hadlea was going to forget what rain was like! We set in the garage and took it all in as we watched. At one point I told her to run in it, so she did. When she came back in she said, "I got all wet!". So maybe she did forget what rain was like?! :-)
Ready for church!
I made a last minute trip to Indy with my friend Julie. We went for a motorcycle race! I really get myself into the strangest things! Ha! I will recap in another post. It will be titled "The Greatest Trip from Hell"! And I am not kidding! But I did get to FINALLY eat at a Ruth Chris Steakhouse! ...there are just no words to explain just how awesome that place was!
Meeting random people at the airport who had motorcycle jackets.
These guys were hilarious! I will share about them in my post!
And my new bed partner! I have always been 'somewhat' jealous of those that have their kids sleep with them. Hadlea just isn't much of a cuddler so she has always done better in her own bed... hence the 12-14 hours a night of sleep. Until now... I love starting out sleeping with her but after 2 hours and she ISN'T asleep... I am about to strangle myself. I know I am going to have to put her in her own bed to cry it out, but it is SO hard! Plus, I always have to do some work before I got to bed and it just makes me work that much later! We will find a win/win somewhere...
Happy Friday!

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Emily said...

I haven't had A's foot measured in forever - I just bought him the next size up...probably should do that!

I totally agree about cosleeping. Asher had a lot of trouble when we moved, but he's the WORST to share a bed with so I'd make him cry it out in his crib and felt awful, just terrible!! But he's fine now and we all sleep better. :-)

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