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Sunday, August 05, 2012

friday phone dump {on sunday, again}

I feel like I have so much to share, but zero time... I just feel so behind on everything! Who knows if I will ever catch up!?

So a little on what we have been up to...

Berkley goes with us to drop off H off at school every day. One morning, he wanted to take his baby, which is a moose beanie baby. We swear he thinks this thing is alive!
Gigi and H swimming one day before Gigi went home.
On Wednesday, we got Riley and Hannah! We were so happy to have them for a few days!
Sunset at the pool!
One of our new neighbors let Riley ride their electric motorcycle. He LOVED this!
The girls played dress up!
We went furniture shopping! Yikes... that stuff is stressful!
Thankfully, we had Riley with us to entertain H!

Several towns around us have had large fires. So many homes have been destroyed. It is so sad to see it all unfold! :-( The sky has been so dark at times, like it is about to storm, but it is all smoke! I just cannot imagine that feeling...
Justin and Riley wen to pick up Fred from the airport one night. I had joked with Fred that there would be a welcome sign awaiting him... I think he thought I was joking! :-)
Before bed one night... Hadlea LOVED having her cousins at her home!
Hannah went home a day early and Riley stayed an extra night. H was so excited to take Riley to church with her!
She just loves him to pieces... and so do I!
Here's to another busy week! :-)

1 comment:

Emily said...

Such cute photos! I love the ones of H and her cousins. What a special relationship they have!

and you're shopping is SO stressful. I'm sure you picked (or will pick) something perfect!

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