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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

a bunch of nothing...

Just alot of rambling...

- We are moved into our new house! Well... we have been for a week or so. All we have left is our curtains, rods, pictures, tv mounts, ugly animal heads, and just about anything else that hangs on the walls! After all of that packing and cleaning and moving and cleaning, I am just NOT in the mood to patch holes. So it can just stay there for now!

- We are LOVING our neighborhood!! I think Justin and I are constantly asking each other what took us so long to get over here! All of our neighbors are just awesome! Several have come by to introduce themselves, some even bringing yummy goodies! Everyone has just been so welcoming!

- I guess our cul-da-sac is VERY kid friendly. Everyone either has kids or are grandparents! They have Halloween parties for the kids. They also set up a projector and screen for big football games and everyone brings food! HELLO Heather's Heaven! I actually will get to watch football games with other football loving people! My husband will probably be chatting it up with the other wives who do not watch! Ha! JK!

- I have met several other momma's at the pool. Again, everyone has just been so sweet. But I can tell everyone knows everyone! And they all like to talk! :) Oh women....

- We have spent ALOT of time at the pool lately! 110 degree weather will do that to you, I guess! We have also taken alot of walks. It is really hard to keep Hadlea inside!

- My dad (and probably my cousin, Amanda, too) is getting mad because I am not posting on the regular! I guess I better fix that before he cuts me out of his will! :-)

- I have several projects to work on for Hadlea' room, but I cannot get started. Every evening we have played outside until time for Hadlea to get in the bath and then to bed and then it seems like I have another 100+ things to do before I get in bed at midnight!

- I REALLY need to go to the chiropractor! All that moving has me totally out of it! I need my SIL!

- After having 3 kids in my house for almost 5 days, it seems so quiet around here! I am missing my niece and nephew! :-(

And last but not least....

- I have a potty trained little girl! ...all but night time! Although more times than not, she wakes up dry! I am just so proud of her! She went with Gigi for a few nights when we were moving and just came back ready to do it! She is loving all of her panties!

1 comment:

Emily said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the new house. And having a potty trained kiddo - WOW!!! Congrats! :-)

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