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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

going crazy...

**updates in RED**

You know how they say everything happens in 3s.... Well... if you are close to me, do not worry about getting hurt and going into the hospital. Since I currently have 3 family members in the hospital, everyone else should be safe! *sigh*

These last couple of weeks have been LONG and STRESSFUL! I would totally blame my lack of blogging on it, however, I was struggling before this mess! Right now, I am just struggling to stay awake each day!

Here is a little recap:

Thursday, 8/16 - My Granny (mom's mom) falls and breaks her hip!

I was to leave Saturday morning for a quick girls weekend in Indianapolis (yes, I still owe you that post!). My mom was to come keep Hadlea and help with the Roumbanis boys. Friday morning, I get a call from my mom that my Granny had fallen late Thursday evening, and she was now with her. I just told her it wasn't a problem, I would just cancel the trip. But everyone kept insisting I go... there was plenty of help with H...

Friday, 8/17 - I hadn't been feeling too well and since I was going on a girls trip that would definitely include some drinks, I decided to take a test... imagine my surpise when ALL FOUR turned positive!! Oh My Gawd just kept repeating in my head until I could get Shannan on the phone!!

I told Justin later that night... if only I could have his expression on camera! To. Die. For.

My dad and cousin, Kate, came to the rescue. As they were about to head this way to keep H for the weekend (Justin had to work Saturday and had an all night fishing tournament), my Grandma (dad's mom) falls and breaks her leg! I mean, REALLY?! How does this happen?!

My dad has 11 brothers and sisters so some of them jumped in and took care of my Grandma. My dad and Kate were DYING to come keep H alone!

Saturday, 8/18 - I leave bright and early at 5AM to head to Indy! A little get away to get away from the stress... or so I am thinking! We had a layover in Chicago. We are eating breakfast when I get a text from J that Hadlea is running fever! At this point, REALLY bad words are popping into my head! This trip was doomed from the beginning! Hadlea ends up throwing up all over Justin's truck. They take her home. Nana and Aunt Leslie come help clean her up! We go on to Indy!

Once we get there, we check the motoGP races as qualifying was that day. Casey Stoner, the rider we went to watch, wrecks!! *laughing hysterically at this point* He breaks his foot, has several fractures in his leg and tares all of the ligaments off of his ankle!

Sunday, 8/19 - Casey decides to race! Those guys are crazy... I guess since they have broken every bone in their body (they do drive 200+ mph on a motorcycle), it wasn't too crazy to see him back out on the track! We watch the race and head home! Hadlea started running more of a fever so Justin and Nana took her to Urgent Care. She had an upper respiratory infection.

Monday, 8/20 - H was sick at home.

I was super nauseous on the entire trip and this is when my awesome all day morning sickness started!
Tuesday, 8/21 - I kept H home another day. She seemed fine, but wanted her to get some rest. She also started gymnastics.... which were a disaster since she didn't care to do anything her teacher told her!

Another day of all day sickness! H was so good both days to let me lay around and be her sleeping baby!

Wednesday, 8/22 - I started spotting. Talk about a total bummer. Since no one else knew I was prego except Justin, Shannan and Julie there wasn't much I could say to anyone. I was a disaster. We have been down this road before, and it is not pretty.

Thursday, 8/23 - More spotting. At this point, I thought about calling the doctor, but then I just decided to stay positive and pray. There was nothing they could do the first time, and I assumed the same about this time. Thankfully, this was the last time it happened!! God is so good to answer prayers!

Friday, 8/24 - H didn't sleep ALL night due to coughing! I thought maybe she was getting worse, but she was fine during the day, other than a little snotty nose. We already had plans with my friend from high school and her family to come down. The Hammons arrived that night!

Saturday, 8/25 - We spent the morning playing at the house and then went to lunch and the aquarium. H had coughed all night again so I called the nurse on call at our Pedi's office. They said due to her age, there wasn't much they could do for her cough. I felt SO bad for her. Thursday night, we slept 3 hours and Friday night, we slept 4 hours. We were both miserable! I was telling my neighbor about her cough and she said her Pedi had given her some cough medicine for her son not too long ago. She gave me some of it. I HATE giving H medicine unless it is just totally needed. I was VERY against giving it to her until I checked with a Dr's wife. They said a 1/2 teaspoon would be fine. And wouldn't you know, Saturday night she slept ALL night! Poor girl was worn out!

Saturday night, I could NOT wait to get H to sleep and get in bed. I had slept less than 7 hours in two days! I felt terrible since our friends were here, but I felt so sick! I went to lay H down only to get a call that my Godfather (dad's brother) had been in a terrible accident. He was listed in critical condition.

Gary is more than my Uncle. More than my Godfather. He is like my own father! And when you talk to your own dad about his brother being in critical condition and hear the fear in his voice, it takes all you have not to freak out! I felt so terrible for my dad, for my 4 cousins. All these emotions I had when finding out about my own brother came rushing back!

Needless to say....  ZERO sleep on Saturday night!

Sunday, 8/26 - Justin and I headed to the hospital in Wichita, KS. Nana met us to pick up H so she didn't have to ride 7 hours in the car in one day!

Monday, 8/27 - We finally had a normal day! We worked, H went to daycare, and then we played outside with the neighbors.

Tuesday, 8/28 - H had her second gymnastics. Hated it! She, again, did NOTHING that her teacher told her to do. It was a STRESSFUL time watching her do NOTHING!

So.... we have been busy... and STRESSED! Thankfully, everyone is doing great! Both Grandma's are still in the hospital and recovery is going great. My Uncle continues to make great improvements. You can follow his updates HERE.

Friday, August 24, 2012

friday phone dump

One would think that if you cannot come up with a post that one could at least blog about iPhone pics! After all, isn't that were 90% of our pics are taken anymore, anyway?! And there is an app for Blogger, so it isn't like it is THAT hard!

But... things have been BUSY! Like... I am not even sure where all of my time goes in a day... not sleeping, that's for sure! Because my AWESOME 12-14 hour a night sleeper has gone on strike... refusing to sleep in her own bed. So I start her out in mine and in 2+ hours she STILL is not asleep so I put her in her own bed to cry it out. Only to feel like the WORST mother EVER... then I cannot go to sleep because I feel like the WORST mother EVER! It is really a vicious circle...

Onto things we have been doing...

About 5 months ago... okay, so maybe a couple of weeks ago, Gigi came to town and we went shopping. H is an awesome shopper! long as you have candy and she can ride the horses!
We did a little shoe shopping. Since we didn't find anything she rode another horse! Funny thing about this stop is I planned to buy her a size 7 shoe for the fall. I 'decided' to let the nice girl measure Hadlea's foot, only to find out she is a size 8-8.5!! Hello big foot! So thankful we got her foot measured before I ordered the wrong shoe size online!
IT RAINED! I was pretty sure Hadlea was going to forget what rain was like! We set in the garage and took it all in as we watched. At one point I told her to run in it, so she did. When she came back in she said, "I got all wet!". So maybe she did forget what rain was like?! :-)
Ready for church!
I made a last minute trip to Indy with my friend Julie. We went for a motorcycle race! I really get myself into the strangest things! Ha! I will recap in another post. It will be titled "The Greatest Trip from Hell"! And I am not kidding! But I did get to FINALLY eat at a Ruth Chris Steakhouse! ...there are just no words to explain just how awesome that place was!
Meeting random people at the airport who had motorcycle jackets.
These guys were hilarious! I will share about them in my post!
And my new bed partner! I have always been 'somewhat' jealous of those that have their kids sleep with them. Hadlea just isn't much of a cuddler so she has always done better in her own bed... hence the 12-14 hours a night of sleep. Until now... I love starting out sleeping with her but after 2 hours and she ISN'T asleep... I am about to strangle myself. I know I am going to have to put her in her own bed to cry it out, but it is SO hard! Plus, I always have to do some work before I got to bed and it just makes me work that much later! We will find a win/win somewhere...
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

our singing machine...

Hadlea is totally into singing these days. I feel like her memory gets better and better. I know I sometimes don't give her enough credit... I guess I just see her as this little tiny baby! Ha! Whether I like it or not, she is a growing girl, with an awesome memory. She remembers and repeats everything! We are constantly getting in trouble for things we say, for things we do not say 'correctly' and even for talking with our mouths full! :-)

Our little motor mouth singing machine...
her favs: humpty dumpty, jack and jill, it's raining it's pouring

This is right before bed. She is busy right up until the time her head hits the pillow!
{She still likes to be called Heather Lea, which is my name. Silly girl.}

Monday, August 13, 2012

July 2012 Collage

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hadlea's Room Update

I made a little more progress on Hadlea's room this weekend! I spent most of last week painting in the evenings so by Friday, I was ready to hang everything.
{over the dresser. looking for a large, dressy turquoise lamp shade}
We still haven't moved everything from the old house, so I still need the clear chandeliers to hang above her chair. 
I ordered this monogram from an Etsy site (let me know if you want the name), and I LOVE it! It came primed and ready to paint! 
Need something to the left of the window... hmmm... 
Between her door and closet.
I realized during this moving process that I might have a slight problem with bows... 
While taking pictures of the room, I had to take everything out of Hadlea's bed... this is everything she sleeps with! And I am NOT kidding! 
This is what she looks like in the morning!! ;-) 
Good night from my babies!  

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

our time with Riley and Hannah

We had such an awesome time with my niece and nephew! Hadlea was in HEAVEN! She had constant attention! :-) The kids were always laughing... such an fun sound!

The girls played dress-up and played games on the iPad...
Our nighttime routine... bath, teeth brushing, books and then bed!
Our first night without Riley or Hannah, Hadlea cried and cried. It was the saddest thing ever!
We both missed them being gone so much!
We did some painting... which Berkley enjoyed watching too!
We had some friends over for a day of swimming. After dinner, they all played in the sprinkler!
We met the Roumbanis family at the bowling / go-cart track...
We played some arcade games...
Julie and Avery
Hadlea and I
It was a super fun week with the kids. They start school tomorrow... cannot believe they are growing up so fast!
Thanks for letting us have them for so long, Aunt Les!
Love you all!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

a bunch of nothing...

Just alot of rambling...

- We are moved into our new house! Well... we have been for a week or so. All we have left is our curtains, rods, pictures, tv mounts, ugly animal heads, and just about anything else that hangs on the walls! After all of that packing and cleaning and moving and cleaning, I am just NOT in the mood to patch holes. So it can just stay there for now!

- We are LOVING our neighborhood!! I think Justin and I are constantly asking each other what took us so long to get over here! All of our neighbors are just awesome! Several have come by to introduce themselves, some even bringing yummy goodies! Everyone has just been so welcoming!

- I guess our cul-da-sac is VERY kid friendly. Everyone either has kids or are grandparents! They have Halloween parties for the kids. They also set up a projector and screen for big football games and everyone brings food! HELLO Heather's Heaven! I actually will get to watch football games with other football loving people! My husband will probably be chatting it up with the other wives who do not watch! Ha! JK!

- I have met several other momma's at the pool. Again, everyone has just been so sweet. But I can tell everyone knows everyone! And they all like to talk! :) Oh women....

- We have spent ALOT of time at the pool lately! 110 degree weather will do that to you, I guess! We have also taken alot of walks. It is really hard to keep Hadlea inside!

- My dad (and probably my cousin, Amanda, too) is getting mad because I am not posting on the regular! I guess I better fix that before he cuts me out of his will! :-)

- I have several projects to work on for Hadlea' room, but I cannot get started. Every evening we have played outside until time for Hadlea to get in the bath and then to bed and then it seems like I have another 100+ things to do before I get in bed at midnight!

- I REALLY need to go to the chiropractor! All that moving has me totally out of it! I need my SIL!

- After having 3 kids in my house for almost 5 days, it seems so quiet around here! I am missing my niece and nephew! :-(

And last but not least....

- I have a potty trained little girl! ...all but night time! Although more times than not, she wakes up dry! I am just so proud of her! She went with Gigi for a few nights when we were moving and just came back ready to do it! She is loving all of her panties!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

friday phone dump {on sunday, again}

I feel like I have so much to share, but zero time... I just feel so behind on everything! Who knows if I will ever catch up!?

So a little on what we have been up to...

Berkley goes with us to drop off H off at school every day. One morning, he wanted to take his baby, which is a moose beanie baby. We swear he thinks this thing is alive!
Gigi and H swimming one day before Gigi went home.
On Wednesday, we got Riley and Hannah! We were so happy to have them for a few days!
Sunset at the pool!
One of our new neighbors let Riley ride their electric motorcycle. He LOVED this!
The girls played dress up!
We went furniture shopping! Yikes... that stuff is stressful!
Thankfully, we had Riley with us to entertain H!

Several towns around us have had large fires. So many homes have been destroyed. It is so sad to see it all unfold! :-( The sky has been so dark at times, like it is about to storm, but it is all smoke! I just cannot imagine that feeling...
Justin and Riley wen to pick up Fred from the airport one night. I had joked with Fred that there would be a welcome sign awaiting him... I think he thought I was joking! :-)
Before bed one night... Hadlea LOVED having her cousins at her home!
Hannah went home a day early and Riley stayed an extra night. H was so excited to take Riley to church with her!
She just loves him to pieces... and so do I!
Here's to another busy week! :-)
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