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Monday, July 02, 2012

weekend rundown...

We had a great, slow weekend! ...and I am positive I haven't said that in MONTHS! Friday night, we were supposed to have final inspection on our new house, but our realtor had an accident so we moved it to Sunday. We got to pop some fireworks and just relax at home! Someone got alot of love from his baby girl!
We had planned for Saturday to be a day of packing/cleaning our current house, but Justin got called into work at 8am. We weren't sure if he would be gone an hour or all day, so I started working on the stuff around the house that I could do alone. Hadlea had ran a fever Thursday night, but hadn't since so I wanted to keep her home for part of the day to make sure she wasn't coming down with something!
There have been 3 confirmed cases of hand, foot and mouth at her daycare so I was TERRIFIED the signs were showing up. But other than her fever, nothing else seemed to be wrong, and she never ran it again! Crazy kid... always leaves me in a state of worry!

We spent time playing in between cleaning and organzing... it was a 4 pink bow kind of morning! Ha!

That afternoon, I needed to run a couple of errands, so I got H dressed! There are just some days that I know I was MEANT to be a momma of a girl! I have been saving Hadlea's dresses from last summer so she can wear them as tops. This is an 18 month dress that I paired with a pair of new shorts. She is so skinny that I am sure she could wear 12 month dresses as tops too! Ha! ...just love my little poser!
We made about 150 stops to look at gray paint samples! Can you say IMPOSSIBLE to pick out gray paint! PLEASE... if you have a light gray paint that isn't blue or biege, will you share! I am DYING for the perfect color! I think I have settled on one, but it is killing me not being able to put it on a wall to test!

I had to make a mall stop to take back a couple of things, and I told H because she was so good that we would make a candy store run. This store is lined with candy from top to bottom. You get a bag and put in anything you want, and they weigh it. Hadlea was in heaven! She would pick something, and I would only put ONE in her bag... and she would start clapping and squealing. Pretty sure everyone in there thought the kid had never seen candy before! Ha! We walked out with like 12 pieces of candy... and one HAPPY girl!
47 swatches of gray paint.
hardest decision of my life.
Then it was back home for play time. Hadlea wanted to be carried in a bag and then cover me with kitchen towels because I was 'cold'?! She is seriously hilarious!
Sunday was church day!
{my friend made H's pink skirt. seriously, adorable layered skit.
let me know if your girl needs one! my friend will sell them!}
Daddy and Had spent the afternoon together so I could go watch Magic Mike with the girls... OMG. There are seriously no words for that movie. I LOVED it! I had heard alot of mixed reviews about it, but I thought it was a really great show! ...and Channing Tatum in a backwards hat... I will take that anytime!!

Sunday evening was final inspection, and it went great! We were able to meet the sellers, and they were seriously the nicest people ever! They have older kids and want a smaller home. They gave us a run down of things they did to the house when they built it. You could totally tell they loved the house and were not really sure about selling, but they did tell us they were excited to see a small family moving in that could grow with the house. I am so thankful to have met them!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! We close this week and get to see alot of friends! It will be a fast/full week! Enjoy it!

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Emily said...

Oh geesh - it is SO hard to pick paint! Especially gray. I'm about 95% sure we're using gray in the nursery and I've tried too many samples. The more I look the more I can't decide. I've eliminated a bunch and am about to just close my eyes and point. How bad can it be, really? :-)

I love H in the candy store. So exciting!

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