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Sunday, July 08, 2012

two and a half years old

So.... you know how this post is going to start out so feel free to jump past this paragraph, but really?! How in the world do I have a two and a half year old?! Hadlea turned 2 1/2 on June 9 (so this is obviously a lot late!). Is that REALLY even possible? It seems as if time is moving at warp speed, and I am SO ready for it to slow down!

Hadlea's stats: 27 pounds and 36 inches tall!
tall and skinny. (and still praying she isn't 6 foot!)
Hadlea is THE pickiest eater on the planet. And that is IF she actually eats! She can go from the time we pick her up from daycare until bedtime without eating a thing. She always has to have a drink, but she may not eat a thing! It used to scare me to death, however, thanks to the awesome blogging world, I have came to realize, this can be normal! However, she didn't get her appetite from her momma or daddy! We LOVE to eat!
Hadlea's obsessions: PINK! Don't ask her to wear, eat, drink or use anything that is NOT pink... unless there is a perfectly good reason for it. Like, chicken is not pink. Her pink plate is dirty. Other than that, you have a fight on your hands! Have you ever tried bartering with a 2 year old so they will wear their clothes that are NOT pink?! babies and blankets. She always has to be carrying one of each. Suckers. Do NOT even mention one if you do not have one! You will never hear the end of it! Horses and Cows. Flags. Ambulances. I am not sure what it is about he ambulance, but she LOVES it. Don't show her a cop or firetruck. Only an ambulance. And funny thing, she asks to 'chase' it?! Barney. She will not watching anything else!

She can count to 20 and sings her ABCs. She can write an H and show us 1-10 with her fingers.

She is into riding her scooter and tricycle!

Stories/What she's saying... and she says stuff ALL. DAY. LONG. Moootor mouth of the south, as we call her:
  • NO! - Pretty much self explainable. If she doesn't want to do it, she ain't going to! Unless a spanking or timeout is issued. And then it is only done at half speed. Hard headed, anyone?!
  • Daaaaaaddy! - This is when daddy has done something terribly bad, like not picked up his clothes or shoes. or let a bug get in our garage... or god forbid let a spider in our house. Daddy just isn't doing his job! :-)
  • My name Header (or heather) - Hadlea wants to be called by my name these days. When I ask her what my name is, she says, "you momma". True... however, you are NOT Header! Ha!
  • Me: Hadlea, do you want momma to have a baby? Hadlea: Yes. Me: Do you want a brother or a sister? Hadlea: 2 sistas. Me: What are you going to name them? Hadlea: Mola {We have no idea where she comes up with this stuff. And I can guarantee you she isn't getting a sista named Mola! Ha!}
  • We went to church with my parents one Sunday. Poppa was holding H, she moved and hit her leg on the pew in front of us. She started crying and said, "Poppa did it!". I told her it was an accident and he didn't mean to. She said, "Uh-huh! Him did too!". We all started laughing in church! She was serious!
  • Hadlea: Poppa called me Bossy. Gigi: He was just joking: Hadlea: No! Momma calls me too!
  • Me: Darn it! Hadlea: It's okay, you can say dammit. You a big person! {now that makes me feel like mother of the year for sure!}
  • Hadlea: Daddy not put his clothes up. He never wistens to me! :-(
  • Hadlea: Momma, you a terwible driver!

  • Hadlea says alot of 'oh my goodness', 'holy cow', 'goodness gracious', 'oh my golly'... and every once in a while, she will say, "oh my gawd!" and then turn and look at you because she knows it is bad!'
  • If you say I love you, she says, "I love you so much fun!"!
  • Her babies are always biting, hitting, pinching and then getting set in time out... reliving some one's first couple of years, are we?! :-)
  • On Mother's Day weekend, we went to Duncan, but stopped to see Uncle Jake as his apartment. We left Berkley at Jake's apartment so we could shop and go to lunch. Jake said during lunch, "I wonder what Berkley is doing in my apartment?". Hadlea without skipping a beat. "Probably peeing!". If you could have seen my brother's face! And if you know him at all, you would know that he about crawled out of his skin thinking a dog peed in his apartment. We could NOT stop laughing!
Hadlea Easton,
I cannot believe you are approaching 3 years old! You are the center of our entire world, and I cannot imagine our lives without you! You are funny, witty, talkative, smart and SUPER sassy! You know what you want, and you will not have it any other way! I thank God everyday that He chose us to be your parents! We love you SO much!
Love always, Momma

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katie@tulsadetails said...

These pictures turned out amazing!!! Love them! She is just a natural model!!

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