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Thursday, July 12, 2012

the story of sosa

Babies. Hadlea is ALL girl when it comes to her babies. She plays with them non-stop and never leaves the house without one. But... she does not sleep with one. She has always had one specific blanket that she sleeps with and cries for it when she gets tired. But, she has never had a baby/stuffed animal she slept with until around March of this year.

My cousins came in for the weekend, and we took the kids to the Dollar Store for a toy. Hadlea picked this one rabbit and always said it was from her cousins: Anna, Harvey and Zac. She then started sleeping with it. She could not go to bed without it.

I always worried about losing it because I knew I would never be able to find another one. Enter Mother's Day weekend... We go to my Granny's for the weekend, and we lose THE rabbit! We looked high and low. We hadn't left the house without it so we have no idea where that darn thing danced off to, but it was gone.

My Granny used to buy Beanie Babies when they were popular and sold them at her local store. She has TONS! She went and got Hadlea this red Sammy Sosa baseball player beanie baby. She seemed to be fine and had no issues with it taking the place of her rabbit.

But... before we left my Granny's for the weekend, we lost THE Sammy Sosa Beanie Baby! Eeeek! So off we dig for more... however, she would NOT take it if it wasn't RED! Thankfully, we found a red Jerry Rice football player, which we continued to call Sosa! Ha! {So thankful my girl wasn't a two year old reading genius! :-)}

Little red Jerry Rice Sammy Sosa goes alot of places with us. I honestly think it is funny that she chooses to take her 'Sosa' rather than a baby sometimes!

And because I am SO tired and running on little sleep, I have no segue into this next part of my post... although it totally has to do with a Sosa... :-) Hadlea got a package in the mail from Gigi the other day...
And wouldn't you know it was a PINK SOSA! Talk about one SUPER happy girl! Gigi sure knows the way to Hadlea's heart!
 Meet our Sosa's... red, green and pink! {the green was supposed to be Berkley's, but big sister took it over SUPER fast!}
Oh our Sosa loving girl! I think these Sosa's are the only 'babies' around our house that are not getting their bottoms wiped, diapers put on, getting spankings and set in timeout 100+ times a day! It must be good to be a Sosa!

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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

those are adorable!!
not to mention ... Hadlea ... I mean, STUNNING. I love her!

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