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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

it's no longer JUST a castle...

 See this super cute wood castle? You can buy it HERE.
To you all, this might be just your average wooden castle. To me, it will always be a reminder that there truly are amazing people left in this world. {sad we have to say that, right?!}

So this past weekend, I went to a craft show with my MIL. I ran across this wooden toy booth. The guy that makes the toys is in a wheelchair. I have seen him at several events over the years, and I always stop, speak and admire his work. It is truly amazing! His name is Frank, and he owns Frank's Wooden Toys. I showed Hadlea a few things at his booth, and she chose the above castle. I asked him if he took a credit card because I didn't have enough cash or a check on me. He told me no as he didn't have a machine, only cash or check. So I then asked for a business card. He is located out of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, which is very close to me, so I thought maybe I could just drive over and pick one up at a later date and bring a check.

He then suggested I just take the castle home with me so I didn't have to make the drive, plus he didn't want to ship it and charge me shipping. So my response, "so... you want me to just take it home and mail you a check?". His response, "Yes". I said, "and you are okay with that? It is fine with me, but only if you are comfortable really doing that!". His next response, "You are a Christian, right? $60 isn't much to me compared to the guilt you would have towards Him {as he points toward heaven}."

Y'all... I about totally lost it! My eyes just started filling up with tears. Who is this guy? Who is trusting enough these days to let a total stranger just walk out with a toy you spent HOURS making not knowing if you will ever receive payment for it?! Not one other booth would have done anything like that!

After sharing this story with my MIL and aunt, my MIL offered to give me the money, and I could just pay her back. But I knew I needed to send the money and write Mr. A a letter. He may not have thought one thing about it, and you may not think it is anything major either, but to me, it meant so much. I honestly do not have the words to describe how my heart felt after that experience. It wasn't a $1000 item... it was merely $60, but he totally just let me walk out with it. No questions asked. I offered my address and phone number in case there was an issue, but he didn't even think it was necessary! I left it anyway.

And Monday morning, I sent a letter with a check. I started not to share my letter, but it is truly how I felt about the situation. I strive to be a better person because of Hadlea. I hope one day she reads this, looks at that castle {because I will never get rid of it} and knows that the world is still good. There truly are good, caring people. And I pray, pray, PRAY that she is one of them!

Mr. A,
Included is your check for the wooden castle you so graciously let me take home for my daughter from the Affair of the Heart… without paying for it first! What you did for me that day will forever stick in my heart. What a kind, thoughtful, generous and trusting man you are. I know you love the Lord, and that sir, made my heart so happy. That castle is no longer just a castle to me… it is a reminder that there truly are good people left in this world. You do not know me. You did not owe me anything. But, I will never forget what you did. I will be telling my daughter the story of that castle, and I can only pray it touches her heart as it did mine. I can only hope that the story will remind her of your generosity, and that she will become a better person because of you.
Your trade is truly magical. You told me you wish there was someone you could teach your trade to, and I will always pray that God sends you that person. God gave you the most amazing gift… to make things for children that will light up their face. The evening after bringing home my daughter’s castle, she played with it for over an hour. Her imagination ran wild, and I couldn’t help but sit there and watch her sweet face smiling from ear to ear. And the only reason I got to sit there and watch her is because of you and the trust you had in me to mail you a check when I returned home.
There is a special place in heaven for you, Mr. A, that I have no doubt. You may have never thought anything about what you did. After all, you told me that $60 wasn’t much compared to the guilt I would feel towards Him if I didn’t send the money, however, it will always be something I remember.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for teaching me that trust and generosity can change someone’s life forever. Because I know you have just changed mine.
Heather H

You can see a video of Mr. A HERE. This video really shows just what a kind man he is! He is now selling to Melissa & Doug. He also told me he was contacted by another company out of Illinois or Iowa (?). He isn't even sure how these people find him. But I have no doubts! Good things come to good people! God is good, and I have no doubts He is taking care of Mr. A!


GiGi said...

Wow!!!! an amazing story. Love you and so very proud of you.

Emily said...

What a neat, amazing story to be able to share with us - and with Hadlea someday!

katie@tulsadetails said...

That is an amazing story (brought tears to my eyes)!!! Love your letter. It will mean more to him than the $60 ever will. So good to see you last night!! We definitely need to get together again soon!

Anonymous said...

i love this!!

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