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Sunday, July 29, 2012

friday phone dump {on sunday}

We are about 90% moved in! Just alot of miscellaneous stuff left, which I hope we can finish mostly today! Moving has taken a toll on all of us, obviously...
While moving, some little girls were having a a lemonade stand so we stopped for a glass. Their sign said, "Pink Lemonade $.50. It is good!". Although it was Pink Lemonade. And it was $.50. It was NOT good! It was pretty much water. But I am sure if they had another table, we would buy again. Their beaming faces was well worth the $1!
Berkley and I made a bank run. He 'freaks' every time we pull in because he knows they will send him a treat!
Another worn out night after moving! I am not sure they were planning on me coming to bed that night!
Hadlea and I went to get donuts one morning. I asked her if she wanted a pink donut or one with sprinkles. She chose pink, so the sweet donut ladies added sprinkles for her!
With all of the controversy over CFA and same sex marriages, I thought of this picture I seen long ago....
Hadlea had her very first school friend birthday! It was Emi's 3rd birthday party! Here they are making funny faces! They were too cute!
We attended a wedding for our cousin. My niece, Hannah, had my phone and took tons of pictures of herself... and one of us!
Everything is finally coming together with the move! We moved and unpacked as we went. I currently only have 4 boxes of house decor that needs unpacked. I am waiting to decorate until after we get the rest of our rooms painted. H's room is almost finished! I need to get a few things for her walls and it will be done!
While moving, I went through alot of pictures. This one just cracked me up! Us girls went around town taking pictures together one day. Funny that we thought we were so hot and cool those days! Ha!
I will try to get pictures posted of the house this week. Maybe for my next Friday update?! :-)


katie@tulsadetails said...

Yay for being close to finished with the moving! What happened with the paint controversey? Hope it worked out!

Emily said...

It sounds like your move is going really well - that's awesome! I love H's donut smile. Don't you just love making them SO happy with the small stuff?

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