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Thursday, July 05, 2012

4th of july 2012

We had the best 4th of July of all time. Although we were not surrounded with water on a boat, we were at home surrounded with the best friends and family! And although I never thought I would say this, but this might need to become a tradition. 4th of July cookout and fireworks at our house over going to the lake. We will see how it goes?! Ha!

I worked Monday and Tuesday and took the rest of the week off. It has been an interesting week. You just never know what this girl is going to want on a daily basis... momma's sunglasses or 4 bows during breakfast! :-)
Tuesday evening, we went to the Roumbanis house for dinner and then headed to watch some local fireworks. The R family was home after being on the road for a month for fishing tournaments, and it was SO great to see them. Hadlea especially missed Jackson.
On the 4th, daddy, H and I spent some time cleaning the house and then went to buy groceries. Gigi arrived after lunch, and we all just hung out. It was a nice relaxing day. Later in the afternoon, my dad, SIL, BIL, nephew and niece arrived. And of course, Poppa needed a Cherry Berry run so Gigi and Poppa took all of the kids!
Around 530PM, everyone else started arriving. The kids played while we finished cooking.
Poppa pulled Hadlea and Hannah on the scooter. I guess Poppa thought it was too much work for them to 'scoot'! :-)
My mom and dad were definitely born to be grandparents. Ever want a break from your kids?? ...just drop them off at my house while my parents are in town! They are so good to play with everyone's kids! Definitely makes me so thankful for them!
Hadlea, Hannah and baby Avery
Then it was firecracker time! We ended up having around 20 people at our house for fireworks (plus 2 random neighbor kids my mom felt sorry for and asked to come over. again... just drop your kids off at my house with my parents! they will take kids off the street! Ha!)  And again, I LOVED having everyone at our house... but, all of those kids doing their own firecrackers made me a nervous wreck! I was so scared someone was going to get hurt or burned. Thankfully, everyone was safe!!
Carl doing his first fireworks EVER! Carl is our Australian friend. They are not allowed to do them in Australia (except at large events). We definitely gave him a hard time all evening! (we let him start out with pop-its that you throw on the ground! Ha! Awesome friends we are!)
H with her Gigi and Poppa! (My dad wasn't supposed to make our cookout, but he surprised us at the last minute. And of course, I cried like a baby. honestly have no idea what it meant for you to be here! I know you have alot of work to do on the farm, but I am so thankful you stopped working and drove over! I love you so much! Thanks again for coming!)
Our crew!
Hubs, Me, Carl, Julie and Fred
We had a great show! (and holy cow are fireworks expensive!?)
My little family! (with a sleepy baby girl!)
Gigi rocking her babies... Hadlea and Jackson!
It was such an awesome night! So thankful so many were able to make it even though it was all kind of planned last minute! Thanks to everyone that made it! Hoping to do it next year in the new house!

And a quick house update: House closings SUCK! They messed up some papers and had to re-send some for approval so closing has been moved to Monday.

I head north tomorrow to see my very best friend!! I am DYING to get there and see her before they move half way across the US. :-( Although I am TERRIBLY sad because I am super selfish, this is an awesome opportunity for them. Plus, it is only for a year and then they will move back to their current location. So.. you can either expect a SUPER sappy post from me all about my very best friend come Monday, or you can expect silence because my super selfish self will be throwing a major pity party. I haven't decided which it will be yet! :-) So until then...

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Candice said...

Love the pics of your dad with the kids. How sweet!

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