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Thursday, June 21, 2012

thursday thoughts

  • Tomorrow, two great friends arrive for our girls weekend. The other four arrive on Saturday. That will be SEVEN (7) high school girl friends together for two days... swimming, reminiscing and drinking! I. CANNOT. WAIT! ...just sounds like heaven!
  • You have those times where NOTHING seems to go right?! Yeah, so this week is it! I have written two things that have offended people, which I had no intentions of doing! Geesh, I hate that gut feeling of making someone feel bad! :(
  • H was supposed to take 2 1/2 year pics today (this is our second reschedule) and it is raining!
  • I am so thankful our house is showing, but hello people... buy already! This keeping a house spotless with a husband, a dog and 2 year old is killing me! (pretty sure I have said this several times in two weeks!)
  • I laughed this morning when the first thing I did was wake up and go to Hello fishing world taking over my life! :-) We are just SO hoping this is BOOM BOOM's tournament! *fingers crossed*
  • Doritos Tacos from Taco Bell are Ahhhh-mazing! Haven't had them? You are totally missing out! And I may or may not eat them every Thursday and Friday for Good Luck on fishing tournament days!
  • I once had a crazy fisherman spill two entire Doritos Tacos all over my car at 2AM. And once I got home, I let my dog in to clean it up. And it been a joke since!
  • Decorating a house is SO expensive... or maybe it is just my taste! Ha! I cannot stop looking at stuff for the new house!


Anonymous said...

have soooooo much fun this weekend!! girl time is the absolute BEST :) cant wait to hear about it.

Emily said...

It's not just you, decorating is SO expensive {or maybe it's just my taste too - ha!}

Good luck on selling!!

Laura Darling said...

Hope you get some good news about your house soon! I haven't tried the dorito taco yet because I'm afraid that when I do, I will want one every single day! I'm going to cave one of these days though!

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