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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

maybe a new house & the weekend...

So... we put an offer on a house last night! Eeeeeeeeek! I think we are officially crazy! For one, we weren't 'technically' looking to begin with. Two, we haven't even begun to get ours ready to sale. So yep, officially INSANE! But my awesome and unbelievable mother came to the rescue these past couple of days. She came down and started doing some touch ups on our walls and baseboards to get it ready to sale. We are going to work on getting our house ready the next few days and maybe put it up next week... that is if they take our offer! *fingers crossed holding my breath*

We have some friends in the neighborhood we bought in so we would go walk around with them in the evenings to get a good feel for the place, plus look at some houses for sale. Hadlea and Briggs got in some play time! I have a feeling these two will be the best of friends!
Totally random, but LOVE this picture. We ate dinner and had ice cream outside one night. H thought it was great!
Friday, Hadlea went to spend the day with Nana instead of going to daycare. I got a call that evening that 'Hadlea' said she was going to stay the night with Nana. Justin was leaving Friday for a fishing tournament and was gone all weekend. So Friday evening, I was ALL ALONE! I haven't been all alone in my own house in over two years... so what does a girl do?! SHOP! I headed out to shop... and it was awesome! I was then going to meet my little brother for drinks, but I thought sitting in my pjs, in a quiet house and cleaning out my DVR sounded alot better! :-) And I sure did that right after I stopped for a snow cone! Ha!

Saturday, I headed to pick up H and stumbled upon two other sweet babies! Kidding! My niece and nephew were coming to stay Saturday night with us so I just picked them up at the same time!

We picked up lunch and headed to the park for a picnic. And conveniently, the ice cream truck stopped at the park! 
We then hit the splash pad!
On our way home, Hannah said, "What is that bug in the window"?... Yeah, she would mean this bug!
OMG.... Yall... I about died! This thing is about 3 inches long and had like 2 inch antennas. There was no 'keeping my cool' in front of 3 babies. It was drive fast, pull in the drive-way and scream for everyone to get out! Then... I called my neighbor to come get it out of my car! I was later told this is like a 'vegestable beetle' seen in gardens. Really?! It was a 12 foot python for all I knew! Gross! (and my nephew totally got a kick out of my freaking out! at one point he says, "want me to get it with my boot?". my response, "NO! it will kill you and I will NOT be held responsible! ha!)

We had THE best weekend! Hadlea LOVES her cousins and wants to do EVERYTHING they are doing! And they are fine just to do whatever she wants!
We even made smores in the oven! Yumm-o!

This is how we took a few walks...
1. all 3 of them in the double stroller.
2. hadlea and berkley in the stroller.
I definitely got a GREAT workout!
Sunday, we went to the circus! Uncle Alan and Aunt Amanda gave us tickets to take the kids! They loved it and were so good! I was a little nervous taking all 3 of them by myself with such a large crowd, but I should have known, they were perfect!
Thanks for the fun weekend, Riley and Hannah! Cannot wait for you to come back!
Love you both!


Brandi said...

Pics of new house please!! I LOVELOVELOVE looking at houses! My hubs thinks I'm CRAZY!!! Actually, the kids and I went to look at a few today..hehe!!!! Good luck!!!!

Emily said...

WOW! So much exciting stuff in this post. Good luck on the house - I hope you get it! Spending the weekend with cousins looks like a blast. I want to come over the next time you all have fun, ha!

Anonymous said...

i loved this post! made me sooo happy for you!!! good luck on the house... we are in the offer/counter-offer stage of buying a home & what a process it is!!! sheesh.

so happy you had a night alone :) good for you! i would have picked pjs and a date with my DVR too!
ps- gross.. that bug! what.the.eff.

Ashlie said...

Congrats on the house! It looks like they accepted your offer according to Facebook. Can't wait for pics! Omg, a night alone?!? That sounds so fabulous!!!! And that might be the scariest looking bug I've ever seen!

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