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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

master bedroom ideas

Naturally, when you buy a new house, your mind starts spinning with new ideas! I mean... how did people decorate or come up with ideas before Pinterest! It is beyond me! Ha!

I have been thinking about our master bedroom. I definitely want all white bedding, however, I don't even know what to get. I want something fluffy, but light weight. And NOTHING that sheds! I have been there with a downs before, and it drove me crazy! PLEASE let me know if you have something that you love!

I am painting the walls the same dark brown as my current room. I started to go with gray, but I am doing Hadlea's room and playroom in gray, so I wanted something different. Plus, I like a really dark room... it is just more soothing to me than something light.

I want to accent with teal and lime green.

Those black and white striped curtains below.... I want them in brown and white. I LOVE them!

I am loving that throw in gray, but I would love to see it in that teal color!

Still alot of ideas flying around, but I think this is what I have narrowed it down to! If you see something, shoot it my way! :) And I would share links for these, but I got alot of the pics off of google images while looking around. Once I narrow it down, I will share the exact links to things I buy!


Michelle said...

I love those bedrooms! Our bedroom is so boring right now, I need to decorate.

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

Ive always wanted a WHITE bedroom but my bully Tugger would KILL it. He is a dirty little thing so I have to stick with darker colors!! I love that white and the ruffles!!

casi said...

I LOVE that throw, and just bought the PERFECT bed to throw it on!!!!!! ;) I'm also in the middle of creating my perfect bedroom. Good luck to you!

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