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Friday, June 08, 2012

Little Gym 'SHOW' night

We had our last night of The Little Gym on Tuesday. It actually continues through the summer, but since we are moving and will have alot of things to do in our new neighborhood, we decided to stop going. Plus, in the fall, I would like to start H in dance or gymnastics. Something more structured. Who knows... we may end up going back there in the fall. Hadlea really did LOVE it!

Since it was the last night of the session, they had a 'show' night. You get to invite the grandparents. And GOODNESS was Hadlea in heaven having her Gigi and Nana right in the same room... she seriously didn't know what to do... and if one was out of site, she went looking for them! Can we say spoiled?! She just squealed at everything she did... love seeing her so happy!

our little family!
Hadlea, Nana (Justin's mom), Gigi (my mom) and I
(and don't mind the awesome photoshopping of this picture.
we had to take it like 5 times and we finally gave up! ha!)
happy girl with her gigi and nana!
our little gymnast!
I swear she is going to be more coordinated than I am! Ha!
receiving her award!
and stamp time!
and just a little reminiscing.... her very first class! Goodness she has grown SO much! *tear*

just a little abc's. those little voices are just hilarious!

"real high in the sky!" ... as she says!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OMG! look at her face!! total bliss. she is lovin the limelight ;)

so sweet- thanks for sharing gf!

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