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Monday, June 25, 2012

friendship & reminiscing

"A friend is one who knows all about us, but loves us anyway."

Just in the last few years, I think I really started to understand what true friendship is all about. And it only took about 30 years! I have been SO blessed with awesome friends. Some I talk to daily, others I might not talk to but weekly, monthly or even every few months. No matter how often I talk to them, as soon as I hear their voice (or even see a text. hello 21st centurary), that warm fuzzy feeling of true friendship really sets in! It's as if we were never apart. The conversation starts up right where it left off... there is absolutely no change in the relationship!

I know several people do not have that one true friend. They do not have one person that they can call and tell their deepest darkest secrets. And I really think if you do not, you might re-evaluate yourself. To have that person is such a sigh of relief. You will NEVER be alone. Whether it be a husband, family, child, job, etc problem, you are NEVER alone.... and don't go saying this person is your husband... there are just some things you cannot explain/complain about and get sympathy from a MAN. They will just look at you like you are completely insane! They will NEVER understand the 'girl stuff'! :-)

Friends come and go. Elementary friends. Middle school friends. High School friends. You might have had a different friend at each phase of your life, but along the way and in some point in your life, you meet that ONE person that you know you will be able to trust for the rest of your life.

But... if you are lucky, all of those friends you met along the way will also always be there as you grow. They know your past like no one else. They have never judged you (or maybe they did and you were all mature enough to eventually apologize and get over it at some point! ha! hello... we are all girls! it happens!) These are the girls that you hold the most memories with. Memories you will share for the rest of your life... or only share when you are together because maybe no one needs to know those memories! :-)

Meet my friends. Most of these girls I have known my entire life... or atleast since Middle School. I may not talk to them on a regular basis, but when a Facebook message is sent and says, "We need a girls weekend. We need a weekend to catch up." They say, "Let's do it"! And all 7 elementary/middle school/high school friends showed up. SEVEN high school friends. How often does this happen that isn't for a specific event... bachlorette party/wedding?!

Before I share the weekend... let's reminisce over the last 7 yeras. I totally planned to pull out some super old school pics and scan in, but I didn't realize how many I had on my computer already. And I am sure you only care to see so many pics of my friends! :-)

Happy reminiscing!
Jennifer's wedding shower
Alea, Me, Cat, Jennifer
Jennifer's wedding
Cat, Me, Jennifer, Amanda
Medford Homecoming
Me, Cat, Alea, Amanda
Jennifer, Me, Amanda, Lacy, Cat, Alea
Cat, Amanda, Alea, Me, Natalie and Lacy laying across
Me, Natalie, Cat, Mikki
Eric and Jonni's wedding
Amanda, Alea and I
Me, Alea, Cat, Lizzie, Lacy, Amanda
Cat's Baby Shower
Alea, Me, Mikki, Cat, Lacy, Natalie
Mikki, Natalie, Alea, Me, Cat, Lacy
Alea, Me, Cat, Amanda, Lacy
Amanda's Baby Shower
Alea, Amanda, Cat, Me, Kristel
Cat's wedding shower
Amanda, Mikki, Alea, Cat, Me
OSU Football Game
Cat, Alea, Me
Amanda, Alea, Lacy, Me, Cat
My Birthday
Mikki, Cat, Me
Lacy's wedding shower weekend
Mikki, Cat, Alea, Me, Lacy
Lacy's Wedding
Mikki, Me, Amanda, Lacy, Cat, Jennifer, Lacy
Girls Weekend at Hard Rock
Me, Jennifer, Amanda
Cat, Alea, Lacy, Mikki

I will recap the girls weekend tomorrow! I know you are dying to hear all about it! Ha!


Anonymous said...

Those pictures made me sad and happy all at the same time! LOVE THEM!!


Anonymous said...

sooo happy you had a fun girls weekend! what a great group of friends you have :)) loved the pics!

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