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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

friends - girls weekend

If you read my post HERE yesterday, then you know I just had a girls weekend with 7 high school friends! ...and it was perfection!
Amanda and Jennifer arrived Friday afternoon. As much as we were hoping everyone could come on Friday, it turns out that some people have jobs. Boo on them! :-) And yes, I have a job too... but how much work can you actually get done when 7 of your oldest friends are coming to town?! Not much, so I opted out! The 3 of us headed out for mani/pedi's and then for some Mexican food on the Riverwalk. We did alot of talking, laughing and people watching!
We then went to another bar/patio for drinks where we had these yummie's! Scooby Snacks! These should actually be drinks so don't get all worried that we were doing shots and driving! :-) These were just taste testers! And if you haven't had a Scooby Snack... you. are. missing. out. {recipe here}
We then headed home where we only made it as far as my bedroom floor and sat and talked for the next 2-3 hours! :-) Oh those two girls... the memories and stories.

Saturday morning, we got up around and cleaned house! Yes, if you come to my house, I make you clean before you leave! Really! Okay... so we had two showings that morning, so the girls helped wipe down bathrooms and vacuum... I told you I had THE greatest friends ever! :-)

And then it was off to meet the other girls at Hard Rock... but not before stopping at Merritts! Jennifer just cannot come to town without stopping there. And who am I to tell her NO?! I have a feeling Amanda will never be able to skip it now either! Sugar cookies with 3 in icing?! I mean... calories don't count on girl weekends, right?!
And we made it!
Since our rooms weren't ready, we headed straight for the pool! In the summer, the pool is 21 and over with a DJ. Perfect afternoon of girl time!
Amanda and I
She is my cousin, and we constantly get told how much we look alike. I think we look similar, however, not as much as we are told... BUT, I will take her rocking body! She has two kids. The youngest is barely one. Vomit!
Alea and Jennifer
Amanda and Mikki
Jennifer and I

Lacy and I
Lacy and Amanda
Escalator Fun!
Sweet girls!
Alea and I
My girls! Greatest friends ever!

There are really no words to tell you what each of you mean to me. I honestly thought the 'get together' would never happen, and if it did, that all seven us of wouldn't make it. When everyone started confirming, and I knew it was actually going to happen, my heart was SO full... and yes, that sounds totally dramatic! :-) The memories we have made over the YEARS have been memories I will never forget. Most of them I will be sharing with Hadlea for 'what NOT to do' {but that is neither here nor there! Ha!}! Thanks for each one of your friendships! I cannot wait to start planning our next trip. I cannot wait for our future memories together. You all make my life so much more special than I am truly deserving of. God definitely put you in my life to make it better.
Love you all! -HH


Anonymous said...

you have the cutest friends!! love the pics :))

Anonymous said...

Again, an awesome post! Good times and I can't wait to do it again!


Brandi said...

U little hotties!! Girl weekends are the best!!!! Mine is in a few weeks, praise God, I need it!!!

Christa said...

Sounds like y'all had so much fun! Those cookies are so cute!

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