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Monday, June 18, 2012

friends and father's day

This past weekend was filled with family, friends and celebrating father's day! Friday night, we met my BIL, SIL, nephew, niece and some friends at our local fair. Our town has what they call the Black Gold Days and celebrate with a small fair and parade.

my sweet girl and I ready to ride rides!
hadlea and briggs...
is this a flash forward to 14 years from now?? SCARY! :-) 
I just knew my sweet girl would be TERRIFIED of this roller coaster and boy was I wrong?! She loved it! Briggs, however, not so much!
and her all time favorite! 
daddy got in on the action too! nothing says a good daddy like his baby girl insisting on a pink dragon! 

My favorite, the ferris wheel! H loved it! Especially when we got stuck at the top and she could lean over and wave to her daddy and aunt leslie! The girl has no fear! Riley and Hannah road too! 
We played some games. Briggs playin' some ball! 
This slide went MUCH faster than this momma was prepared for! :-)
We were so tired and wore out after the fair... all my babies came home and crashed!
Saturday morning, Daddy was up and out the door by 3AM to fish. Crazy! There is NOTHING in this world that I would get up at 3AM for... unless you are dying, NEVER call me at 3AM! :-) Once H was up, we had breakfast, played and then headed downtown for the parade.
I mean... seriously! I just love her!
And the ONLY reason we went to the parade is to see the ambulances... she wanted to, "chase them"?!
And an LV purse is totally normal for a candy bag, right?! :-)
We then ran errands looking for stuff for the new house. Once we got home, it was water table time! There is nothing sweeter than a baby's bum, but when are they too old for the Internet?! :-) ...and don't answer that!
Saturday evening, we cooked out with friends. Sunday. we went to church and then cleaned house ALL day for a showing that evening. While the realtor showed our house, we went to the Madera's house for another cookout. {have I mentioned how bad it SUCKS to clean your house clean at all times with a 2 year old, a husband and a dog?! ugh!}
All in all, it was an awesome weekend!


Anonymous said...

ahhh - i get soo excited when i see that you have a new post because seriously!!! youre baby girl is the cuuuuuutest ever. and, briggs' face cracked me up on the roller coaster LOL! what hams.

Brandi said...

CA UTE chongas(pony tails) and shades!!! Presh!!! Looks like you had a fab weekend!!!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Ha!!!! Love her candy bag!! How are the showings going!!? Waiting to hear back from my sister in next week!

Candice said...

That carnival looks FUN! Love Hadlea's red and white outfit. She is such a doll!!

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