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Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Weekend: I have waited very impatiently for you all week! I am hoping you are a relaxing, fun-filled weekend! Dear Husband: I love you! And it doesn't surprise me in the least that all you want to do is fish for Father's Day. And because you are so awesome, I hope you love every second of it! Dear Dad: I hope you have an awesome weekend/Father's Day! I love you more than you will ever know! Dear Work: You are making me lose my mind! I really wish you would slow down a bit so I could focus on everything that needs to be done for buying and selling a house! Dear buying and selling a house: YOU SUCK! I totally forgot how much work you were... and if work wasn't already making me lose my mind, you would definitely be doing the trick! Dear Berkley: You are sleeping right beside me and it just melts my heart. I love you so much! Dear baby girl: You were in THE best mood when I dropped you off for daycare today, and I am DYING to run back up and get you! I cannot wait to spend all weekend with you! Dear Catherine: I loved catching up with you on the phone last night. See you in 8 days! Dear blog friends: I have loved meeting you. So many of you I wish I could meet IRL. I know we would be best friends! In the mean time, thank you for making me realize that my crazy life and lost mind are the new 'normal'! Happy Weekend!



Laura Darling said...

My dad wants to do the same thing for father's day! Fish!

Lissa @ her + him said...

aw hope your weekend was everything that you were hoping for! found you via the link up xo

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