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Friday, June 29, 2012

friday's letters & a phone dump

Dear Friday: I am so glad you are here! You never get old! Dear hubs: I know you like to please your baby girl, but sending you to the firecracker stand for a 'FEW' boxes of pop-its does not mean to bring back a case of 40 boxes! Nevertheless, you have one happy baby girl! ...but FORTY boxes?! Dear best friend: I get to see you a week from today. Right after you return from New York. I know you are dying to return from NY just to see me! Ha! Dear house loan peeps: I totally understand that you need to know that I have enough money to buy a house or two since we haven't sold our current one, but asking where $200 came from that I deposited is a little extreme. Oh, you just need to know it wasn't a loan? If I need a loan for $200, I do not think I should be able to buy two houses!! Just a thought! Dear Magic Mike: I will see you with the girls on Sunday. Enough said! Dear house closing: Let's do this thing already! I am just so ready to own two houses!! *total sarcasm* Dear current house: SELL!


My sleeping baby!
I wish she would never grow up or out of her crib... but totally out of her attitude! :-)
Just a few pics I got the evening we took professional pics!
I bought Hadlea the princess matching game for Easter, which I never gave her.
I found it behind the washer when cleaning this week!  Oops!
Oh Mic Golden Light. You are the best beer EVER! And I totally wish I could find you on the regular in Oklahoma!
Our case of pop-its! Anyone need some?! We only have 40 boxes!
Oh happy girl with her pop-its! Her daddy totally knows the way to her heart!

Happy Friday Peeps!

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