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Thursday, June 28, 2012

country club swimming

Sunday after arriving home from my girls weekend, Gigi, Hadlea and I headed to the coutry club for a swim. We LOVE A&A's country club pool. It is a beach front entry, slide, diving board and LOTS of toys for H to play with. She always claps as we pull into the parking lot and sees it! We are so thankful A&A allow us to go!

My little fish and jumping to Gigi!
One family brought this HUGE goose looking thing. The family had older kids but asked H if she wanted on before the big kids. Of course she jumped right on! But not sure who had more fun... H or the big kids pushing her! They called her the goose princess! ha!
happy girl!
swimming with momma!
Have I mentioned how H isn't scared of much?! Yeah... so she seen a couple kids go off of the diving board, and she wanted to go... so she did!
Did she go again? Nope! Ha! She isn't scared of much, but going under is NOT her thing! :-)

1 comment:

Brittany said...

Love that you all have a great place to swim!

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