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Monday, June 11, 2012

catching up...

While Hadlea was gone to Gig and Poppa's, Justin and I did ALOT of this...
CLEANING! Why does it take moving to deep clean ever inch of your house?! I cleaned things I haven't cleaned in 6 years! And all I could think about while doing it is, "why am I cleaning this for someone else, but I don't do it for myself?!" :-) We cleaned every closet, cabinet, attic, garage, etc... all we have left is the kitchen. Which we are doing tonight after H goes to bed. {and now we have to clean tonight as the photographer comes to take pictures tomorrow and we are having a realtor open house on Thursday. Busy week! ...and we are getting our papers together for our mortgage company. I totally forgot how much information they needed... as someone said, they need everything for the last two years of your life except a urine sample! ugh!}

When Hadlea was gone, I got LOTS of snuggles from this guy! I think he forgot what it was like to be an only child! He was lovin' it!
Gigi and Poppa got into town with H on Saturday and we met over at Alan and Amanda's. My 2 1/2 year old just checked her facebook while lounging outside! Ha!
Saturday night, we went to dinner and then took Gigi and Poppa by our new neighborhood.

Sunday, we met for church and then back to Alan and Amanda's for lunch.
H got in some Uncle Alan time. She was just happy to do whatever he was doing!
Sweet uncle even ran through the sprinklers fully clothed!
happy girl!
playing catch with cousin, Avery!
and we celebrated a birthday with cupcakes!
After leaving Alan and Amanda's, we headed to Nana and Rusty's to celebrate Nana's birthday! Since they live WAY out in the country, we let H out of her carseat. She LOVES to hang out the windows... and of course me too... those dirt roads are just home for me!
it's definitely shaping up to be another busy week!
hoping yours is great!


Cheryl said...

Your daughter is just adorable! We are in the process of building a house and have lived in the present house for 27 years. I DREAD what I'm gonna find as we pack up and clean!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

oh the days of running half naked through sprinklers. I miss those days! and 2 1/2 on facebook ... too funny! maybe we won't need sprinklers for our kids after all. :)

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