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Sunday, June 10, 2012


June is a big birthday month for us...

This sweet girl turned 2 1/2 on June 9! How is this possible?! I seriously cannot believe it has been 2 1/2 years since we welcomed the most precious gift God ever gave to us! I am just so proud to be her momma! And although she is sassy, bossy and the most stubborn thing EVER, she is no doubt our entire life! {and yes, we buy half birthday gifts. normal, right?! the scouter was a HIT! and yes, she has already fallen off and got a bloody nose and lip! we wouldn't expect anything different!}
Nana (Justin's mom) turned XX on June 9... don't worry Nana, I will not give your age this year! But next year, you can bet we will spread the word! :-) You can thank me then! Ha! I definitely hit the in-law jackpot... my in-laws are THE best! Thanks for all you do for us! I hope you had a great birthday, Nana!
Tomorrow, June 11, is Poppa's (my dad) birthday! My dad is the most amazing guy! I am just so thankful for all of his love and support! Wish we could be with you on your birthday tomorrow, dad, but so glad we got to see you his weekend! We love you! Happy Birthday!
And tomorrow, June 11, is our sweet Brynlee's 5th birthday! If I am every curious as to what Hadlea will be like in a few years, I can just watch Brynlee. We always laugh about how much Hadlea acts like Brynlee did at this same age. I wish we could be with Brynlee on her birthday too! But we know her momma has a super special day planned for her! We love you Brynlee Ann! Happy Birthday!

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