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Friday, June 29, 2012

friday's letters & a phone dump

Dear Friday: I am so glad you are here! You never get old! Dear hubs: I know you like to please your baby girl, but sending you to the firecracker stand for a 'FEW' boxes of pop-its does not mean to bring back a case of 40 boxes! Nevertheless, you have one happy baby girl! ...but FORTY boxes?! Dear best friend: I get to see you a week from today. Right after you return from New York. I know you are dying to return from NY just to see me! Ha! Dear house loan peeps: I totally understand that you need to know that I have enough money to buy a house or two since we haven't sold our current one, but asking where $200 came from that I deposited is a little extreme. Oh, you just need to know it wasn't a loan? If I need a loan for $200, I do not think I should be able to buy two houses!! Just a thought! Dear Magic Mike: I will see you with the girls on Sunday. Enough said! Dear house closing: Let's do this thing already! I am just so ready to own two houses!! *total sarcasm* Dear current house: SELL!


My sleeping baby!
I wish she would never grow up or out of her crib... but totally out of her attitude! :-)
Just a few pics I got the evening we took professional pics!
I bought Hadlea the princess matching game for Easter, which I never gave her.
I found it behind the washer when cleaning this week!  Oops!
Oh Mic Golden Light. You are the best beer EVER! And I totally wish I could find you on the regular in Oklahoma!
Our case of pop-its! Anyone need some?! We only have 40 boxes!
Oh happy girl with her pop-its! Her daddy totally knows the way to her heart!

Happy Friday Peeps!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

country club swimming

Sunday after arriving home from my girls weekend, Gigi, Hadlea and I headed to the coutry club for a swim. We LOVE A&A's country club pool. It is a beach front entry, slide, diving board and LOTS of toys for H to play with. She always claps as we pull into the parking lot and sees it! We are so thankful A&A allow us to go!

My little fish and jumping to Gigi!
One family brought this HUGE goose looking thing. The family had older kids but asked H if she wanted on before the big kids. Of course she jumped right on! But not sure who had more fun... H or the big kids pushing her! They called her the goose princess! ha!
happy girl!
swimming with momma!
Have I mentioned how H isn't scared of much?! Yeah... so she seen a couple kids go off of the diving board, and she wanted to go... so she did!
Did she go again? Nope! Ha! She isn't scared of much, but going under is NOT her thing! :-)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wordless wednesday: sneak peek

{I can never turn down a $40 mini session in a field of flowers. never! and I am so glad I didn't!}

more to come...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

friends - girls weekend

If you read my post HERE yesterday, then you know I just had a girls weekend with 7 high school friends! ...and it was perfection!
Amanda and Jennifer arrived Friday afternoon. As much as we were hoping everyone could come on Friday, it turns out that some people have jobs. Boo on them! :-) And yes, I have a job too... but how much work can you actually get done when 7 of your oldest friends are coming to town?! Not much, so I opted out! The 3 of us headed out for mani/pedi's and then for some Mexican food on the Riverwalk. We did alot of talking, laughing and people watching!
We then went to another bar/patio for drinks where we had these yummie's! Scooby Snacks! These should actually be drinks so don't get all worried that we were doing shots and driving! :-) These were just taste testers! And if you haven't had a Scooby Snack... you. are. missing. out. {recipe here}
We then headed home where we only made it as far as my bedroom floor and sat and talked for the next 2-3 hours! :-) Oh those two girls... the memories and stories.

Saturday morning, we got up around and cleaned house! Yes, if you come to my house, I make you clean before you leave! Really! Okay... so we had two showings that morning, so the girls helped wipe down bathrooms and vacuum... I told you I had THE greatest friends ever! :-)

And then it was off to meet the other girls at Hard Rock... but not before stopping at Merritts! Jennifer just cannot come to town without stopping there. And who am I to tell her NO?! I have a feeling Amanda will never be able to skip it now either! Sugar cookies with 3 in icing?! I mean... calories don't count on girl weekends, right?!
And we made it!
Since our rooms weren't ready, we headed straight for the pool! In the summer, the pool is 21 and over with a DJ. Perfect afternoon of girl time!
Amanda and I
She is my cousin, and we constantly get told how much we look alike. I think we look similar, however, not as much as we are told... BUT, I will take her rocking body! She has two kids. The youngest is barely one. Vomit!
Alea and Jennifer
Amanda and Mikki
Jennifer and I

Lacy and I
Lacy and Amanda
Escalator Fun!
Sweet girls!
Alea and I
My girls! Greatest friends ever!

There are really no words to tell you what each of you mean to me. I honestly thought the 'get together' would never happen, and if it did, that all seven us of wouldn't make it. When everyone started confirming, and I knew it was actually going to happen, my heart was SO full... and yes, that sounds totally dramatic! :-) The memories we have made over the YEARS have been memories I will never forget. Most of them I will be sharing with Hadlea for 'what NOT to do' {but that is neither here nor there! Ha!}! Thanks for each one of your friendships! I cannot wait to start planning our next trip. I cannot wait for our future memories together. You all make my life so much more special than I am truly deserving of. God definitely put you in my life to make it better.
Love you all! -HH

Monday, June 25, 2012

friendship & reminiscing

"A friend is one who knows all about us, but loves us anyway."

Just in the last few years, I think I really started to understand what true friendship is all about. And it only took about 30 years! I have been SO blessed with awesome friends. Some I talk to daily, others I might not talk to but weekly, monthly or even every few months. No matter how often I talk to them, as soon as I hear their voice (or even see a text. hello 21st centurary), that warm fuzzy feeling of true friendship really sets in! It's as if we were never apart. The conversation starts up right where it left off... there is absolutely no change in the relationship!

I know several people do not have that one true friend. They do not have one person that they can call and tell their deepest darkest secrets. And I really think if you do not, you might re-evaluate yourself. To have that person is such a sigh of relief. You will NEVER be alone. Whether it be a husband, family, child, job, etc problem, you are NEVER alone.... and don't go saying this person is your husband... there are just some things you cannot explain/complain about and get sympathy from a MAN. They will just look at you like you are completely insane! They will NEVER understand the 'girl stuff'! :-)

Friends come and go. Elementary friends. Middle school friends. High School friends. You might have had a different friend at each phase of your life, but along the way and in some point in your life, you meet that ONE person that you know you will be able to trust for the rest of your life.

But... if you are lucky, all of those friends you met along the way will also always be there as you grow. They know your past like no one else. They have never judged you (or maybe they did and you were all mature enough to eventually apologize and get over it at some point! ha! hello... we are all girls! it happens!) These are the girls that you hold the most memories with. Memories you will share for the rest of your life... or only share when you are together because maybe no one needs to know those memories! :-)

Meet my friends. Most of these girls I have known my entire life... or atleast since Middle School. I may not talk to them on a regular basis, but when a Facebook message is sent and says, "We need a girls weekend. We need a weekend to catch up." They say, "Let's do it"! And all 7 elementary/middle school/high school friends showed up. SEVEN high school friends. How often does this happen that isn't for a specific event... bachlorette party/wedding?!

Before I share the weekend... let's reminisce over the last 7 yeras. I totally planned to pull out some super old school pics and scan in, but I didn't realize how many I had on my computer already. And I am sure you only care to see so many pics of my friends! :-)

Happy reminiscing!
Jennifer's wedding shower
Alea, Me, Cat, Jennifer
Jennifer's wedding
Cat, Me, Jennifer, Amanda
Medford Homecoming
Me, Cat, Alea, Amanda
Jennifer, Me, Amanda, Lacy, Cat, Alea
Cat, Amanda, Alea, Me, Natalie and Lacy laying across
Me, Natalie, Cat, Mikki
Eric and Jonni's wedding
Amanda, Alea and I
Me, Alea, Cat, Lizzie, Lacy, Amanda
Cat's Baby Shower
Alea, Me, Mikki, Cat, Lacy, Natalie
Mikki, Natalie, Alea, Me, Cat, Lacy
Alea, Me, Cat, Amanda, Lacy
Amanda's Baby Shower
Alea, Amanda, Cat, Me, Kristel
Cat's wedding shower
Amanda, Mikki, Alea, Cat, Me
OSU Football Game
Cat, Alea, Me
Amanda, Alea, Lacy, Me, Cat
My Birthday
Mikki, Cat, Me
Lacy's wedding shower weekend
Mikki, Cat, Alea, Me, Lacy
Lacy's Wedding
Mikki, Me, Amanda, Lacy, Cat, Jennifer, Lacy
Girls Weekend at Hard Rock
Me, Jennifer, Amanda
Cat, Alea, Lacy, Mikki

I will recap the girls weekend tomorrow! I know you are dying to hear all about it! Ha!
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