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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

what she's saying...

Just a few Hadlea-isms for this fine Wednesday... this girl is HILARIOUS these days!
  • "Yeah, daddy! You get two jelly beans!" - A proud baby girl rewarding her daddy for doing his business on the potty and not in his pants! Ha!
  • "My momma took my firetruck away!" - One morning Justin and I woke up to Hadlea screaming something. We first thought she was screaming, "my momma took my pacifier away", which was making my skin crawl! She has done SOOOO good. Why is she just now freaking about her paci?! I get up and run into her room to realize she is screaming about an ambulance... which she was calling a firetruck! Remember HERE where she was obsessed with ambulances? I went and bought her one. I guess she woke up thinking about it. So once I tracked it down and gave it to her, she was one happy baby girl again! Ha!
  • "Silly Goose, pick up your clothes/shoes!" - I have been working with H to pick up after herself. But she only seems interested in making sure everyone elses stuff is picked up! If she sees Justin or I's clothes and/or shoes, she will say, "silly goose, pick up your clothes/shoes" and then run and chunk them in our room. If I show her something of hers to pick up, she will say, "You do it, momma. Thank you!" ...I guess atleast she thanks me before hand! :-)
We had Little Gym last night. I love this little tiny gymnast/dancer!
Hadlea is totally into riding with the windows down. We do it ALOT! Last night on our way home we cranked up some Eric Church, Springsteen, and jammed out. She was cracking me up with her bobbing head! Just had to get a quick picture to capture the moment!


Mrs. Southern said...

She is so cute! Love her little sayings, funny how they pick up on so much we say and do so quickly!

Ashlie said...

LOve the last picture!! Love the light, the aviators, and fedora! And how stinkin' cute is Hadlea in her leotard and leg warmers!?!

Brianna Renee said...

Such sweet little moments, your baby girl is adorable :)

makes me that more excited for my first baby due in june!

Emily said...

Love the last pic too! The sun streaming through is fab.

I wish I got jelly beans for using the potty - lucky daddy! Ha!

Andrea D said...

That's too funny that she's rewarding daddy for using the bathroom. And I like her thinking...remind everyone else to pick up their stuff, and slyly ask them to clean yours up, too. Obviously a smart one :)
She's a cutie!

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