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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ready for the lake!

We have been busy getting ready for Memorial Day Weekend on the lake... which means I am having an AWFUL time focusing at work! All I can think about is getting to see my bff, Hadlea getting to see KK and B, the sun, water and lots of drinks! The lake always makes for great memories! There is never a dull moment... plus, I think this will be the year that Hadlea just LOVES it... or is that wishful thinking?! I just honestly cannot wait!
We spent all of Monday evening deep cleaning the boat, getting the life jackets and everything ready, washing towels, restocking the boat... We had LOTS of help! ...when her baby wasn't sleeping in the ice chest, of course!
So since I cannot seem to think of anything else... here is some reminiscing from over the last couple of years!

wakesurfing behind the boat on skiatook
tenkiller with my bff 
baby girls first lake trip! 
tenkiller with the justice family / skiatook with riley and hannah 
summer #2 for hadlea! 
 big daddy and i
fun with my girls! 

now that I have looked through 6 years of lake pictures, it is time to work!
happy wednesday!


Katie said...

So fun! My grandparents live on a lake and I spent every summer there. Some of the best memories :) I hope you guys have an amazing time!

Ashlie said...

I LOVE the lake! However, I don't think I will be seeing much of one this summer since I will have a toddler and a newborn. Oh, and can I have your body please!?!

Kyra said...

What Ashlie said..I want to look like you!

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