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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

recipe, lake and the park...

I think we are just recovering from our busy weekend! It was full and we were on the go.

Friday night I took pics of Hadlea with her cousins (my niece and nephew) out at my in-laws on the ranch... and they are adorable! I have just a few more to photoshop and then I will be done. However, there is this ONE  picture, which of course, is THE best picture EVER and my sweet little devil of a nephew decides to make the most awful face in it! OMGoodness... I am going to get him the next time I see him in person! :-) I have some new photoshop software that has the face recognition that I have tried downloading to fix his awesome little facial expression, but wouldn't you know, now my computer isn't working right! So... off the the store it will go, but not before I try everything in my power to fix that picture! (If anyone has the face recognition software and would like to fix a picture for me, PLEASE let me know!)

Saturday morning, Hadlea and I got up and made these... it might be stretching to call this a recipe, but they were SO yummy... and I think adding some fruit on these would be awesome too! All you need is a waffle maker, cooking spray and a can of cinnamon roles (I prefer the flaky ones). Just spray your waffle maker, put down your cinnamon roles and close. They barely take 1 minute. I would say around 45-50 seconds! It is SUPER fast! Then just drizzle your icing and DONE!
Hadlea calls them donuts... I am not arguing as long as she will eat them with a little fruit!

Hadlea and I left Saturday afternoon for the lake. My cousin's had their dad (my Godfather) a 50th Birthday Party. It was such a great time. I just love seeing my extended family!

My aunt and uncle have a lake house and always have TONS of stuff for the kids to do. They blew up this slide and pool for Hadlea before any of the other kids got there.
H in her new swim suit. LOVE!
why is anything and everything monogrammed so CUTE?!
Happy 50th Ol' Man! :-)
(prune bouquet and a depends cake! ha!)
my little fedora girl! <3
My Uncle/Godfather and his 4 babies! Love them all!
Saturday evening, Hadlea, Gigi and I went and stayed in a motel. We got up Sunday morning and went swimming. Hadlea did awesome for her first time in the pool this year. I think we are going to have our hands full going to the lake this year! I am so worried about her just jumping off of the boat!
We came back Sunday evening to see daddy and just play around the house. We got Hadlea a wagon out of the attic. I totally forgot it was up there until the other day. She thought it was the greatest thing EVER! Even her new baby had to go...
we even made a stop at the park!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!
Here's to a great week!


katie@tulsadetails said...

Yum! I want to try those cinnamon rolls!!

Home Bistro said...

Cinnamon rolls delight! Lovely family you have there.

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