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Friday, May 25, 2012

phone dump friday

I remember when my postman delivered clothes for H and I... now... nothing but daddy's fishing 'stuff'!
We made some last minute plans with friends last Sunday to cookout... the kids played in the water table and loved it!
We had Berkley a birthday party last night. He was terrified of the candles. I thought it was so strange! But H was SO happy to eat his cupcake!
I put H in the bath the other night. When she got out, daddy had put the sprinkler out to water the grass. She asked to go play... so I let her! She thought it was fabulous! We then had to go re-wash! But so worth 15 minutes of giggles!
Happy Friday, Friends! I hope all of you have an awesome Memorial Day Weekend!

Thank you to the troops and their families {past and present} for the sacrifices you have made for me and my family! There are just no words for a proper Thank You! May God bless each of you over this weekend!


Katie said...

Haha! I love that you let her go out and play in the sprinkler after bath time! I bet she'll remember that forever :)

Cheryl said...

Sprinklers are so much fun! That was neat that you let her go out after she was all clean...but what memories are being made!

Anonymous said...

hi there! new to your blog (the blogging world in general, really) and found you through sophistifunk :) so happy to have stumbled across such a sweet blog and beautiful family! cant wait to read further!

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