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Friday, May 18, 2012

phone dump friday & videos

Just a few from the phone!

Justin sent me Mother's Day flowers on Thursday because I was leaving town on Friday and not coming back until Sunday afternoon! Super sweet of him to think ahead! And I got a pair of cowboy boots... to wear with dresses, of course!
We met Uncle Jake for some shopping in OKC. H got super spoiled with new shoes and candy!
My mom and granny were doing a little shopping so H and I walked the streets and watched birds. She thought this chair was great!
While we were gone, daddy fished a tournament! Always nice to get these pictures knowing he is doing great!
I got some new bracelets while out shopping... LOVE!
H wanted to take a walk around the block with baby one night before bed... I am pretty sure people stair at us funny when I push this double stroller with a fake baby... but hey, I am NOT the boss around here people. I just do what I'm told! :-)
H vomited ALL over me after getting home on Sunday {awesome Mothers Day present from her! ha!}. I was chalking it up to getting car sick because we ate lunch and then I put her straight in the car for 4 hours. However, she started running a fever at daycare on Monday so she had to stay at home on Tuesday. We played for a bit before Nana came to stay with her and I had to start working. She LOVES school buses. We see one every morning picking up kids in our neighborhood.
She is standing on a chest here and put her baby and shopping cart up there too so the baby could see! Ha! Funny girl!
I stayed up late working one night and came in to see my boys out!
This week was Teacher Appreciation Week at Hadlea's Daycare. It was also her main teacher's birthday. Thursday, I took drinks and cupcakes for the teacher's birthday and then took all of the teachers that Hadlea interacts with on a daily basis sonic cards. I got the wraps for them HERE.
Yesterday, daddy went to a fishing tournament so after the gym, I picked up Hadlea and went to the park. After playing for a bit, I asked her what she wanted for dinner. She responded, "Sandwich. Panera. Daddy not like". And she is right! Daddy doesn't like Panera so we took full advantage! Yum!
Hadlea fell asleep on the way home from Panera. I knew she needed a bath after daycare and the park... plus, she has THE STINKIEST feet EVER! Have you ever gave a 25+ lb wet noddle a bath?! Oh My Goodness. And I couldn't believe she was staying asleep. She woke up and looked at me a few times and that was it. She must have been a sleepy girl!

I had to share these... Hadlea singing Happy Birthday for her daddy! Obviously she thought it was Gigi's birthday too... or she was just being ornery! ha! {you will also hear her say, "love you so much fun"... she always says, "this is so much fun" when she really likes something so now she says, "i love you so much fun". hilarious!}
{and yes, she calls daddy Justin here. ha!}
{and daddy is her dude... for sure!}

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Emily said...

Ha ha - I always laugh so hard reading your posts! I can't believe she slept through a bath. And I LOVE that she propped her baby up to see the school bus. Little Miss Personality!

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